The end of the Supersonic Jet ‘Concorde’: What brought down the Concorde Flight 4590?

February 23rd, 2009 - 9:57 pm ICT by David M N James  

Concorde Flight 4590 moments before its crash On Dateline NBC, the presenter was not very dramatic but just emphatic about what happened then. He featured the forlorn experiences of witnesses and those who have inches of information on the deadly crash of the world’s most fast passenger aircraft, the Super Sonic jet. The wanton creature would cruise faster than the sound and deliver in the shortest period ever heard of. The Concorde had made the world incredibly accessible.

However, the dream of this speed and the world’s hope of fast accessibility died when 113 people perished when the Concorde crashed on a small kosher place in what was termed as a bizarre crash.

That is a decade ago now and little about this crash has been told away. Questions about who caused the fatal crash liner in the minds of people and the families of those who perished. The French authorities accused the Americans of foul play. The French said the Americans played a key role in the downing of the Concorde. Eyewitnesses say that the only saw a ball of fire just after president Jack Chiraq was moving about the Charles DeGaulle airport. The airport officials just saw a ball of fire from their windows.

Alice Brooking says that her reaction was shock and fear as she imagined an earthquake. The walls were shaking, photos fell off the wall, and everything was shaking. This was a pandemonium. Everything was reeling. President Bill Clinton then had a press conference and extended condolences to the families of the deceased and the American community. The Concorde crashed two minutes after take off. French Aviation experts then were puzzled to song. ‘How could such a highly skilled crew and a well made plane come down in such a miserable way?’

Air France Concorde fell out of the sky in the summer of 2000. It crashed into a hotel near Charles de Gaulle airport in the backyard of the French Aviation experts. When the experts arrived in minutes, they confess the plane was hot. The crew aboard had no knowledge that they were burning until the tower radioed them ‘Concorde zero four five nine zero you have flames, you have flames, behind you.’ Engine 2 of the plane died, ‘Captain, are you shutting down engine number two there?’ Questions were flying but the crew was unaware of the proceedings of their machine. The flight engineer shut it down. Moreover, it was over in less than two minutes, Concorde flight 4590 was over, and the plane was burning.

According to Bob Macintosh, the foul play could be associated with a wear strip dropped by a continental DC-10 plane. The strip cut the tire, the tire is peeled, a chunk of tire, more than four feet long, crashed fuel tank number five in the wing above, hitting with enormous force. This tank was loaded with fuel and it ruptured. The fuel rocketed out ignited and burnt ferociously the left landing gear assembly. The plane burnt and killed everyone aboard.

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