Spy Wednesday - When Judas betrayed

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Spy Wednesday is of great significance in the world of Christianity since this was the say when Judas Iscariot went to the Sanhedrin, to betray Christ for 30 pieces of Silver.

It is considered to be one of the most significant days in the Christian year. Judas one of Christ’s most trusted Apostles but he was easily bribed into betraying Christ.

While Judas later died of remorse and by hanging himself, Christ had to face a great amount of torture. However, Christ being the Con of the Holy Father forgave mankind. The Christ died a horrific death on the Cross on Good Friday, just before Shabbos. Good Friday is also considered to be the day of liberation of the good souls from Limbo and hence the name. The Gospel reading of Wednesday preludes the betrayal of Judas.

Therefore the name Spy Wednesday is quite apt for this period of time before the sacrifice of Christ and His Resurrection. The episodes that induced Judas to betray Christ is filled with suspense and intrigue. The crucial moments before the ultimate betrayal are filled with juxtaposition of the opposite values. At one end there is good while on the other end there is evil; on one end is sin while on the other end there is salvation.

Judas and Christ symbolize the two ends between which mankind is pulled. The most significant part about Spy Wednesday is that it reflects the daily struggles that mankind has to endure in order to accept a relationship with the Lord.

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