Over 18,000 women forced into SeX Trade in UK

July 3rd, 2008 - 4:35 pm ICT by Bupha Ravirot  

Up to 18000 females, including girls as young as 14, are forced to work as prostitutes in brothel across Britain after being smuggled into the country.

Police revealed that large amount of people were smuggled yesterday, can be said that it is the largest ever crackdown on people smuggling. Nearly five times more women than previously thought are working under duress in massage parlors and suburban homes.

Most victims are foreign, with least 85 per cent of the women working as prostitutes coming from countries including Brazil, China, Lithuania and Thailand. Many victims are lured to Britain with false promises of work in bars or nightclubs only to be sold for up to £5,000, often at airports or service stations, to pimps and brothel-keepers. The women are then set quotas of the number of men they must have sex with each week, working for little or nothing under threat of violence against their families.

A six-month campaign by police forces across the country “Operation Pentameter 2″ had released 154 and 13 girls who were forced to work as part of a lucrative trade dominated by organized crime gangs. The campaign, which saw the arrest of 528 suspected traffickers and the closure of 822 brothels and premises being used to sell sexual services, also revealed that amount of young British women trafficked within the UK after being groomed by older men who lure them to towns away from their homes are increasing rapidly.

The Chief Constable of Gloucestershire, Tim Brain, whose force co-ordinated Pentameter 2, admitted that prostitutions remained a significant problem though police forces became more effective in tracing prostitution networks and seizing their assets. The first phase of Pentameter in 2006 could rescue 88 victims and made 232 arrests.

Mr Brain also revealed that most of the resident properties were used in order to sell sex ( 822 premises raided, nearly 600 were private homes). Its found that prostitution and people-trafficking is the third most lucrative black-market trade in the world after gun-running and drugs-smuggling. Because of the rapidly increasing of demands for prostitutes in UK, plus the pop-up of websites and local newspapers carrying advertisements for prostitutes.

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