Monster of Montauk a wonder to the science field

August 1st, 2008 - 12:26 am ICT by David M N James  

Nature science might get complicated with new creatures, not ever known nor heard in the history of the subject surfacing in a beach very dead. A brownish purple was found in the Long Island beach when a creature turned up very dead and stinking. This made the Hamptons summer season a thriller affair since everyone is curious ‘what’s this up here?. The creature was washed up to the shores in Montauk and New York’s celebrity-obsessed Hamptons summer season woke to a weird-looking, completely kaput monster on the Montauk beach at the eastern end of New York’s Long Island

It sounds like a myth, but photos of the dead creature which has distinctively weird features have splashed the internet. It commenced at Gawker, the big apple top gossip blog. This blog began the Montauk monster hype and has created a very intrinsic story on the creature. In the description of this creature, the captions show a bloated creature which is similar to a mammal. But a mammal like this one could not be living seaward. It is hairless almost just like a dog but is has a beak like that of an eagle.

It looks like it sports fins but they are not fins, they are strangely elongated front paws that really leave science at its knees. Crazy photos of the Montauk monster were also found at The animal looks like a raccoon but its mandible-beak rear is a mystery. However, its no longer on the beach were it was found and no one knows where it is so far.

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