Ludhiana hosts seminar on Sufism

September 19th, 2009 - 8:18 pm ICT by ANI  

By Karan Kapoor

Ludhiana, Sep 19(ANI): Ludhiana recently played host to a national seminar on Sufism. This time, the theme was the influence of Sufism on modern times.

The Sahitaya Academy of New Delhi and the Punjab Sahitaya Academy organized the seminar.

The seminar also focused on the ‘pain of separation from God’ and intellectuals, poets and Sufi singers.

“Sufism says that God, whom a man looks for all over, is within him. And once he realizes this fact, he will be free of his ego and will find happiness,” said Vaasthe Mohi, a Sindhi poet from Ahmedabad.

While, Gulshan Majith, a poet from Jammu and Kashmir, said: “When God is everything, so what is the importance of religion and caste discrimination, this is the message of Sufism. Shaivaism, Buddhism and Sufism give same message to the world and consider this world as the manifestation of that supreme power and do not make a distinction with the other. There are no boundaries. Everybody in this world is equal for God.”

The participants also put forth the argument that many Punjabi poets make use of themes from popular Punjabi culture. Dr. Chandraprakash Deval, a poet from Rajasthan, said Sufism is the paramount method to fight terrorism.

“Sufism is the best way to fight terrorism. If the minds of people can be changed, they will start respecting other religions, humanity and the feeling of brotherhood and secularism will increase, terrorism will be finished then. So to fight terrorism it is important to popularize the way shown by Sufism, adopt and follow that way and spread the feeling of brotherhood,” Deval said.

Sufi singer Balbir Kaur, who also teaches singing at Guru Nanak College in Ludhiana, held the audience spellbound and she also highlighted that school students must be made aware of the great cultural heritage, traditional folk art and literature of the Sufi saints, to promote Punjabi language.

Associating Sufism with any one religion is against its very basic tenets. Underlining this basic fact, renowned Sufi singers Idrim Khan and Skakur Khan from Rajasthan sung the verses of Bulle Shah, Guru Nanak, Kabir and Sajjan Shah. (ANI)

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