Himachal Pradesh farmers adopt centuries old Homa farming method

August 27th, 2009 - 3:48 pm ICT by ANI  

By Akhilesh

Palampur, Aug.27 (ANI): Himachal Pradesh, a State described by many people as the land of deities, is known for its traditional lifestyle and belief in religious rituals.

To get a good harvest many farmers in Himachal have now adopted its century-old method of ‘Homa’ farming, which is farming with prayers and chanting mantras.

Homa farming is a spiritual practice that dates back to the Vedic period. It involves chanting of Sanskrit mantras at specific time in a day before the holy fire.

The practitioners and propagators of Homa farming, also call it as “revealed science”.

Agriculture University of Himachal Pradesh is experimenting on these techniques for last three years and they have got good results.

” We are very glad to see that wherever Homa farming was done, the plants are growing in a healthier manner and they are giving good produce. In comparison to other plants that are giving low produce due to draught-like situation,” said Y S Paul, Head of the Department, Organic Farming Program.

Homa farming basically energises or awakens the farmland on which it is practiced. The ash that results from the Havana (holy fire ritual) and Puja is used to energize composts, plants, animals, etc.

” One such process is ‘Agnihotra,’ in order to activate certain points in the farmland, we add holy ash in the middle of the farm after recitation of mantras. This kind of farming method is popular in Germany and other countries as well,” said Satish Sharma, Acting Vice Chancellor Cum Research Director, Agriculture University Of Palampur.

Farmers in the region are reaping benefits from this novel and unique farming method.

The method is an age-old phenomenon invented in India and is described in detail in the Rig Veda.

The term Homa is derived from the ancient Hindu practice of performing yajna or Havan by lighting a holy fire and putting ingredients like cow dung, raw rice etc. in it and reciting Vedic mantras along with it.

Homa farming is said to be beneficial for human beings, animals and crops as it is also environment-friendly. (ANI)

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