‘CriminalSearches.com’ friend when you want to make new friends.

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A free website “CriminalSearches.com ” provides consumers with information of the people who involved in criminal histories such as sex-related offenses, violent crimes and theft.

CriminalSearches.com concerns about every personal safety in society. Therefore they provided useful information that will help families feel secure in their neighborhoods and personal lives. CriminalSearches.com has been introduced by PeopleFinders.com, the online service that helps consumers quickly find and connect with anyone, anywhere.

CriminalSearches.com helps people to make important decisions in daily life about people whom they are going to meet or build relationships with or search for a nanny or general contractor before letting that person near loved ones.

CriminalSearches.com provides consumers with accurate criminal information in one convenient place free of charge, which is easier than go for google.com to search such information.

“Unfortunately we live in a time where words like assault, robbery, rape and homicide are frequently a daily headline,” said Bryce Lane, president and chief operating officer of PeopleFinders.com. “We created CriminalSearches.com to help consumers make the most educated decisions about the people they let into their personal lives and the lives of their loved ones. Nowhere else will consumers find a free, comprehensive personal safety service that matches the ease of use and accuracy of data as CriminalSearches.com. Whether on a date, renting a room, spending time with neighbors, or meeting new friends, people have the right, and now the means, to know if there is a criminal in their life.”

Criminal Search works as neighborhood watch, sex offender finder and criminal activity alerts. In term of neighborhood watch it allows users to quickly discover if someone with a criminal record is living in the surrounding community. Consumers simply enter a full address, or city and state. Result presented with a map identifying people in the area with criminal records. Consumers can click on the map to view detailed information about the identified criminals including name, age, current and previous addresses and complete criminal history.

Sex offender finder function provides the consumers the opportunity to identify sex offenders living in a specified area. Search results include photos, physical descriptions and the last known address for people with sex-related offenses in their records.

Variety of ways of using the website, consumers enter name, age, location or offense category. People can also search for individuals who have committed a specific type of crime in a region.

Criminal activity alerts, users specify the names of those they want to track and are alerted via email or in their CriminalSearches.com account when new information becomes available.

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