British knife crimes forces a $200million campaign against it

July 15th, 2008 - 3:51 pm ICT by David M N James  

Knife crimeBritain has recorded lower rates of gun crimes but it is now unable to contain the almost contagious knife crime.

Police statistics report of more than 20,000 serious knife crimes committed last year alone. The statistics indicate that about 60 people are stabbed or mugged at knife-point every day in England. In last week alone, six people were killed or died in knife attacks in a 24-hour period. The report pinpoints teenagers as the likely knife-crime victims than other age group.

The metropolitan police are blaming the youths as young as 12 for these crimes among other age groups. These young teens are looked upon with suspicion forcing the law enforcers to keep watch with metal detectors checking for knives and guns, while teachers will soon be allowed to search students for alcohol and drugs.

Police have been given rights to disperse groups of young people in the street or in shopping centers, while some local authorities are imposing 9 p.m. curfews pertaining to all under- 16s who can’t leave their homes unless accompanied by an adult.

The British government is shaken by this increase in knife crime. It has created a program worth $200 million to help curb this increase in knife crime. Parents and victims are lobbying for the program to crack the whip on knife crime. However controversy surrounds the perspective of the initiative whereby rather than slam teens into jail for carrying knives, the government plans to force these knife sporting criminals to visit hospital wards and meet their victims and other victims of knife attacks, as well as families of knife victims and people who are in prison for committing knife crimes.

The program is dubbed “restorative justice,” and it is meant to instill fear and remorse for evil doing to these knife criminals.

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