Bigfoot press conference hit by dissonance

August 17th, 2008 - 12:35 am ICT by David M N James  

Bigfoots dead bodyThe Bigfoot experts brought their conference at CNN and were able to garner massive attention. The DNA samples came back as a mixture of human and opossum disappointing enthusiasts of the Bigfoot Circe and scientist. This has yielded scorn to the much anticipated press conference of the week. Bigfoot press conference was also at MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olberman was an immediate hit yesterday afternoon. However, the DNA samples, according to researchers were those of a possum. Fielding questions from a packed room in Palo Alto, the three called their discovery groundbreaking.

Researchers continue to harangue the DNA finds on the Bigfoot found in Georgia by two expedition lovers; the purpose of the press conference is being put on the spotlight by analysts. Bigfoot press conference resembled a website promotion. The press conference was held at noon on Friday in Palo Alto. It featured results from various tests, including one for DNA. The big-foot was discovered by police officer Matt Whitton, Biscardi, a California resident and former corrections officer Rick Dyer in Palo Alto. The MSNBC airing was by lucky stand-in presenter, Rachel Maddow who asked the businessmen with a big website marketing plan what’s was their agenda about Bigfoot. The two said ‘Bigfoot is real

Bigfoot press conference was a short in the arm for a website connected to the three men behind the press conference, Whitton, Dyer and Biscardi. They all went to the press room in caps donning the website credentials. During the interview with host Ms Maddow, Whitton and Ryder refuted claims that they were hunters and maintained that were hikers who happened to come across the Bigfoot. The men are predominantly featured in Yesterday one could pick up an authentic cap, in black or white, for $24.99, a Bigfoot Lives pewter belt buckle, for just $29.99 and for $35, a Bigfoot Welcome Mat. made a kill since rivaled Amazon and Fifth Avenue for traffic and profit Facebook on the engagement scale.

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