A Gurukul in Bihar promotes traditional Indian values and culture

November 25th, 2009 - 2:58 pm ICT by ANI  

By Ajay Kumar

Patna, Nov.25 (ANI): A school committed to promote and preserve traditional Indian culture and values here follows the vintage system of education named Gurukul which teaches pupils the Vedas, Hindu religious texts.

Vedas are a large body of texts, originated in ancient India. The texts are composed in Vedic Sanskrit and form the oldest layer of Sanskrit literature, and sacred texts of Hinduism.

Under the Gurukul system of education at Sant Pashupatinath Vedic Gurukul, students also take part in the upkeep of the school premises.

At this special school, the prime focus is on the Vedic teachings and ancient Sanskrit writings.

The Guru or, the teacher in the Gurukul believes that in the present times people are drawn towards more of modern things in life and that they have nearly forgotten the traditional Indian values.

At this Gurukul, all the four Vedas are taught in detail.

“The traditional values and morals are getting vanished or uprooted from the face of our country. There are two reasons behind it, first being that our Guru wanted to establish an institution where proper Vedic teaching could be given to pupils and secondly, to preserve our sacred culture and Vedic thoughts,” said Guru Amolanan Brahamchari, a teacher at Sant Pashupatinath Vedic Gurukul.

For sustenance, the young students in saffron robes roam around in their neighbourhood seeking alms in the form of flour and pulses for themselves and the Guru.

This mode of seeking alms is known as “Bhiskha” and it is not viewed as begging.

“We are learning Vedas and its values here as we can later teach Vedic culture and practice it in future too. Whatever we get to eat in order to sustain ourselves, by that we are completing our Vedic studies. This all is to protect our India’s culture,” said Ajeet Kumar Pandey, student, Sant Pashupatinath Vedic Gurukul.

On their part, the students have evinced keen interest in pursuing Vedic education, the Gurukul way.

At present, about 50 students are the young Vedic ’scholars’ at this unique institution. (ANI)

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