Tropical Storm Fay hits Florida fails hurricane levels and remains a storm

August 20th, 2008 - 1:41 am ICT by David M N James  

Tropical Storm Fay not a HurricaneFears that Tropical Storm Fay would eventually enlarge into a monster hurricane have been dispelled after the storm swarmed Florida in a less ferocious manner. Tropical Storm Fay swept across South Florida with winds ranging at a speed of 60 mph.

National Hurricane Center has said that their findings show Fay moving may back over open water in the Atlantic towards the end of this week before hitting the coast and the state of Florida a third time. Evacuation and warnings across Florida were halted after the anticipated velocity and strength of Fay failed to reach a threatening level.

American Flag sways as tropical storm Fay hits FloridaThe expected speed and level of the storm was an average of 74 mph (119 kilometers per hour) which is the average for a hurricane. Fay is weakening as it proceeds dangerously towards the mainland. However, indications of the storm gaining strength again once it emerges over the Atlantic are very high. Its re-emergence might be disastrous and cause immense damage. However, this is being regarded as mere speculation.

Fay hit Florida the second time in two days today and the National Hurricane Center are tracking it inland, across the state of Florida sugar- cane fields and orange groves. Weather experts in Florida have confirmed that Fay went north-northeast at a sped of 9 mph about 30 miles east of Fort Myers. This forecast was also affirmed by the National Hurricane Center in Miami. The much hyped Fay has killed over fourteen people before it landed in the State of Florida.

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