Paul Newman is dying of Cancer

August 16th, 2008 - 1:18 am ICT by David M N James  

Paul Newman CancerIt has been confirmed officially that Oscar winning actor Paul Newman has cancer. The 80 year old entrepreneur has lived long enough to leave a legacy of money and fame through a successful venture which he formed. It was co-founded by his friend A.E Hotchner. It’s Hotchner who broke the silence and announced that Newman has cancer.

Newman is said to have just a few weeks left to live. According to sources close to Newman including friends like Hotchner, Newman is getting his estate in order and confirming his will. The testament and all other important aspects of his life mean he has started to get his fortune and issues in order. Paul Newman is the founder of a very successful food products company. He is reportedly to be grooming his oldest son Nell Newman to takeover the estate.

Newman won an Oscar in 1986’s for the ‘The Color of Money’ and played a key role, as Luke in 1967’s Cool Hand Luke which remains a very popular movie up-to-date. Hotchner told reporters that Newman was ailing and that he wanted to die at his home near his family. Newman’s photographs are now online as the ailing old darling of the people slowly ebbs to the other world. Recently he was photographed in a wheelchair during an outing in New York. The hype came after the media hints that he was sick with the incurable cancer. He is a celebrated actor who has graced the movie industry long enough to be named a legend.

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