Bigfoot press conference

August 16th, 2008 - 12:34 am ICT by David M N James  

Big footAfter a jamboree of pictures on the net which explicitly showed a jumbled mess of hair, entrails, water and the carcass of a supposed Bigfoot stuffed in a cooler was the hottest hype online and now, there is a Bigfoot press conference which will be on air. The press conference will be at noon today in Palo Alto and it will feature results from various tests, including one for DNA. The big-foot was discovered by two Georgian men on expedition in Mid July rousing a media circus. The two sported an insignia that donned them as Bigfoot trackers. According to the these two trackers, they retrieved the body from the woods and ferried it home and stuffed it in a cooler unit then reached an expert named Thomas Biscardi to have a look at their findings.

The Bigfoot press conference is being organized and manned by one police officer. He will be talking to Biscardi about the Bigfoot. This is scheduled at 3 pm, Eastern Time and police officer Matt Whitton, Biscardi, a California resident and former corrections officer Rick Dyer in Palo Alto will showcase the photographs and the DNA results of the Bigfoot testing. According to latest updates to Thaindian News, the DNA and the pictures will be evidence to credit the existence of the legendary man-ape found in north Georgia. Bigfoot was discovered by expeditioners Whitton and Dyer. It was seven-foot-seven, 550-pound corpse. However many want to disregard this story and are terming it as a big lie.

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