Weeds Season 4 Episode 9

August 12th, 2008 - 9:50 pm ICT by David M N James  

‘Weeds’ is a highly watched American comedy television series now is hitting the ranks with its new ‘Weeds Season 4 Episode 9 “Little Boats”.

In this episode Nancy and Esteban struggle to fit each other into their busy schedules. Why? of course for various contexts based on the theme and flow of this the very compelling story. In another twist, Nancy, a prime figure in the episode has discovered some very interesting perspectives of some people who matters so much in her life, in-fact it’s her own flesh and blood and she is worried and concerned. She has found out that Shane has some very new fantasies and Silas’s has already got a new girlfriend. As such Nancy is forced to have a talk with both of her sons.

As Nancy worries about her sons,Celia grows more desperate to keep her binge healthy. A twist in how Silas continues his relationship with Lisa is very interesting since they onset making decisions which include expansion of the offers available at her cheese shop. On the same perspective of radical decisions, Andy and Doug search for Doug’s new love in Mexico where they are confronted by El Coyote. Shane, a very all of character is becoming an attraction to the opposite sex at school.

The videos of Weeds S04E09 are available via Torrent and Videostic and You Tube.com The ‘Weeds’ plot is based and is centered on a widowed housewife from a savvy and rich California suburb. She grows to who becomes an upper-middle-class marijuana dealer to make ends meet. This is typical of the challenging life that requires many to eke so as to make ends meet. ‘Weeds’ is an example of people travailing through self help plans to make life worth living. Most of ‘weeds’ olive versions are from third party streamers and the video of this exciting series ‘weeds season 4 episodes 8’ is no exception. You catch and enjoy it. The video is interesting, clear and quite a hit on Youtube.com and other streaming channels online.

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