Scientists Blame Global Warming For High Temperatures

July 29th, 2010 - 7:20 pm ICT by GD  

By Gina Gomez
rhennaJuly 29, (THAINDIAN NEWS) President Barack Obama has called for a strict policy to be enacted on climate legislation and it seems that it is his statement that has suddenly led scientists around the world to renew their research on the global warming phenomenon that has led to a drastic change in world climate over the past couple of years.

A report submitted by the State of the Climate conference indicates that it is global warming which is responsible for the world climate getting hotter by the day with the highest temperatures recorded during the last one year. This report is the result of the research conducted by more than 300 scientists coming from 48 countries across the world who say that all the indicators that have led to the rise in world temperatures has its roots in a single phenomenon, which is global warming. Therefore the conclusion to be drawn from the research is that only if a global warming remedy is discovered, will it lead to the improvement in world weather.

Although the reasons for large scale global warming has not been specifically mentioned, scientists are of the opinion that large scale emission of greenhouse gases in the air is definitely one of the reasons why temperatures are rising every year. The report also suggests that if the rate of global warming does not show a decrease it will have fatal impacts on coastal regions, world water supply, general health and agricultural conditions. The 21st century has also been marked as the hottest century in history. If the global warming continues at this rate, say scientists, it will force the Mexicans to migrate towards the United States in order to save themselves from drought conditions. This aspect may also be seen in several other parts of the world.

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