Romans Were First To Invent The Eco-Friendly House Claims New Study

November 5th, 2010 - 7:31 pm ICT by GD  

By Meena Kar
Eco-Friendly HouseNov 5, (THAINDIAN NEWS) An Oxford University researcher has found that the Roman villas built 2000 years ago had almost all the features of a modern eco-friendly house. The study found that the Roman used technologies that were far ahead of their time and could be compared to the 1930s semi- form of housing in the UK.

While the typical British semis relied on radiators placed underneath the windows to keep their houses warm, the Roman used underfloor heating which was more comfortable and scientifically advanced. The study also found that the Roman kept the water for drinking and washing separate and the Villas were also made strategically to make the best of the local climate. Living rooms were made to face south or south-west in what has been described as a clever use of solar radiation.

The Roman relied on aquifers to bring spring water into town and also used cisterns to harness rain water. Archeology expert, Professor Andrew Wilson, said that the Romans taught the modern man to be more imaginative and efficient in energy use. He also said that they made heat and water work much better around the house than what we do today. The study of the flooring indicated that they used hypocausts that caused the entire room to get heated. Prof. Andrew Wilson also explained that the Romans were also quite efficient in the recycling of goods. He said that abandoned houses were stripped of the metals that could be reused and pottery was crushed and used as an ingredient in water proof cement linings. He said that the study asks the question to modern man that why cannot we use the same source of energy as the Romans.

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