Quake shakes: Earthquake in California

May 18th, 2009 - 11:01 pm ICT by GD  

LA Quake Los Angeles has traditionally had the well-deserving distinction, of being the city that ‘rocks’, except that, on Sunday evening, this turned out to be, quite literally the case. Around 8.39 p.m local L.A time (0339 GMT, Monday), an earthquake of intensity 4.7 on the Richter scale shook L.A in particular and all of Southern California in general.

Initially reported by the U.S Geological Survey to be of magnitude 5.0, the figure was later dialed-down to the present 4.7. Mild aftershocks ranging from 3.1 to 1.6 were experienced intermittently for some to follow. Believed to have originated near the Newport-Inglewood fault, the tremors reminded seismologists of the 1933 Long Beach quake, because of the proximity of the source areas. This present quake is the biggest to hit California since the earthquake that had taken place at Chino Hills, about 48 kms east of L.A Civic Center on a rough estimate, last year in July.

Centering near Lennox, 17 kms south-west of downtown L.A and 7 kms north-east of Los Angeles International Airport, shocks were felt all across Southern California, rattling Seal Beach area and Palm Dale in the middle of the desert to downtown San Diego. Picturesque Orange County too had it’s share of jolts. While the local police and fire department swung into action soon after, looking for damage or loss of life and property, there have been no immediate reports so far of casualties in terms of lives lost or property damaged. The incident however has generated about 40,000 report mails, sent to the U.S Geological Survey website. Apparently people really were pretty ’shaken up’.

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