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June 19th, 2009 - 2:50 am ICT by GD  

Green Again It is high time that people all over the world realize that they have a moral responsibility towards their home planet as the creatures inhabiting on the Earth. Human beings are the most advanced species in the animal kingdom, therefore the responsibility to keep the earth safe largely falls on us. Moreover, it is the human species, who is plundering the earth of all her natural reserves.

To make us aware of our responsibilities, various websites have taken up the initiative to let people know the ways in which they can help save the planet. The motto for the green conservation site,, is Green Now: Green Again. On the site, 6 simple steps are given to people who want to take the lead and help make the earth green again.

The site says that people who want to save the earth should stop using bottled water and switch to glass jars instead. They came out with the innovative idea of washing one’s car with collected rain water rather than going to a car wash, to eat local and fresh food, to support local farmers and their farms.

Working from home also saves energy if the option can be implemented. People planning on a move should choose a nearby neighborhood to make use of limited resources and avoid pollution. Sensible use of water also figures highly on their guide.

With the implementation of such little and thoughtful steps we can save our abode, the earth and make it habitable for future generations.

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