Jesusita Fire strikes havoc in Santa Barbara

May 6th, 2009 - 9:01 pm ICT by GD  

The California Wildfire season has already begun with the Jesusita Fire which began at around 1.45 p.m. on Tuesday, 5th May, and since then it has been spreading wildly. The residents of Santa Barbara and the firefighters were engaged in fighting this massive wildfire once again. The last time the place encountered fire was last November. The Jesusita Fire is very much similar to the fire that engulfed the “American Riviera” when the Tea Fire consumed more than 200 homes that were located in the foothills.

Once again the main cause behind the wide spread effect of the wild fire is wind. The winds have acted as “Great pushers of the flames”. Reporter Chris Meagher commented β€œIt’s really blowing up here…not quite Tea Fire windy, but pretty damn windy.” some of the other reporters have said that things are “Looking pretty bad right now.” there has been news that the fire was moving away a slow pace but once it reached the Mission Canyon the impact of the wildfire was immense.

At the present moment the wind is heading towards the upper part of the canyon. The movement of the fire was quite uncertain because once it was moving upward and the next time it was moving downwards. Till 5 p.m. structured had not yet succumbed to the fire, however, all the residents have moved out of their homes and have evacuated the place. Since almost 1,200 homes have been evacuated, almost 3,000 individuals are expected to become homeless.

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