Heat wave in northern India, rain in northeast (All India weather report)

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New Delhi, April 23 (IANS) An oppressive heat wave has engulfed most parts of the northern plains, central and western parts of India with weather officials holding out no relief, a condition made worse by power cuts, water shortage and depleting green cover in rapidly growing urban centres. The maximum temperature in the national capital was at 40.1 degrees Celsius at least three degrees above normal while the minimum temperature also rose to 22.0 degrees. The story was repeated in the central plains as almost all towns and cities have 40-plus temperatures.

The Met office in its bulletin has said that no significant change may be expected in the temperatures for the next few days.

Even as the temperatures were high in the northern plains, western parts, particularly Vidharbha is having one of its severest temperatures in the month of April.

Pune is witnessing one of its hottest summers in over 100 years. Temperatures here have been hovering above 40 degrees Celsius for the past week and people are rushing to buy air conditioners - once considered a rarity here.

“The average daily temperatures Thursday and Friday have been just one and half degrees Celsius less than the record set more than a century back in 1897 when the mercury had hit 43.3 degrees Celsius,” said A.B Majumdar, deputy director general of India Meteorological Department (IMD), here.

The city recorded 42.1 degrees Celsius Friday.

Pune has always been known for its pleasant weather - in between the sweaty coastal temperatures of Mumbai and the dry heat Nagpur faces. “For Nagpur, 44 degrees Celsius is very normal this time of the year,” Majumdar said.

The massive urbanisation Pune is witnessing seems to be having a negative effect on its weather conditions.

“Island effect is very common in cities - lack of trees and more concrete leads to higher temperatures,” Majumdar explained.

Air conditioners (AC) and coolers were a rarity for Pune residents, but the last couple of years has seen a rise in their sales, said Srinivas J. Buchake, manager at an electronics shop here.

“ACs and coolers had no market in Pune five yaears back, but today they are in much demand. Last year we sold close to 800 coolers between April and June,” Bhuchake added.

Said Anjali Moghe, a Pune resident: ” I always prepare myself for summers. Earlier, I used chicks (bamboo screens) and coolers to beat the heat but now that’s not enough … AC seems to be the only option.”

Past few days Punekars are avoiding even stepping out of their homes. “Its difficult to go outside during daytime and being at home is also not easy, especially with power cuts. Kids have a tough time,” said Trevani Shetty, a house wife.

The heat wave, met officials say, is expected to continue if not raise the temperatures in the next few days.

The weather office said that the northeastern parts of the country witnessed rain. Guwahati recorded 8 mm of rainfall Friday. The Met Office said in its bulletin that a “cyclonic low pressure area” over the Bay of Bengal could lead to more rainfall in parts of Assam, Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh and heavy showers in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands for the next 48 hours till Sunday.

The following were the maximum and minimum temperatures and rainfall in major cities for the 24 hours till Sunday morning, with figures in brackets denoting deviations from the average.

CityMaximum Temperature Minimum Temperature Rainfall
(C) (C) (mm)

New Delhi 40.1 (+3) 22.0 (0) Nil

Mumbai 35.4 (+2) 27.7 (+4) Nil

Chennai 34.4 (0) 25.5 (-1) Nil

Kolkata 36.1 (0) 27.0 (+2) Nil

Ahmedabad 41.0 (+1) 24.8 (+1) Nil

Bangalore 41.0 (+1) 24.8 (+1) Nil

Bhopal 42.2 (+3) 24.0 (+1) Nil

Bhubaneswar 38.3 (0) 26.4 (0) Nil

Chandigarh 40.2 (+5) 21.0 (+1) Nil

Dehradun 36.3 (+3) 20.5 (+3) Nil

Goa 33.5 (0) 27.5 (+1) Nil

Guwahati 33.1 (+1) 21.4 (0) 8.0

Hyderabad 37.8 (+1) 22.4 (+2) Nil

Jaipur 41.8 (+5) 22.8 (+1) Nil

Lucknow 42.2 (+1) 21.0 (-1) Nil

Nagpur 44.3 (+2) 27.8 (+3) Nil

Patna 41.4 (+2) 21.4 (-2) Nil

Pune 42.1 (+5) 24.5 (+1) Nil

Srinagar 24.6 (+5) 8.7 (+1) Nil

Thiruvananthapuram 32.3 (0) 25.9 (+1) Nil

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