Eyewitness accounts of the Melbourne Earthquake of March 06 2009

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On March 06th an earthquake of 4.7 Magnitude shook Melbourne Australia. Here are some interesting accounts of the Melbourne Earthquake what people have commented on our site.

Marcellus : “There was tremor for few seconds and then nothing - Vermont South, Victoria, Australia”

nw : “Yeah nice big rumble and plenty of shaking. Could hear the whole house grinding. Biggest I’ve felt. Could feel it through my chair”

faye : “i felt it! it was bizzare, for about 10 secs or so.. i thought my dad was just re-arranging the furniture in the next room but then i heard the dog barking and the framed photo leaning against my wall fell down… that’s when i knew it was an earthquake! wow!” and “yes i live in the keilor area! it is a bit annoying that the seismology website is down.. but mum said that it’s already in the news now and apparently it was 4.7 and point was in warnambool”

Student : “I live in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne and definitely felt the quake. I heard a large rumble at first then the house started making noises whilst a small tremour rumbled the ground. It’s quite rare here. Typical that the SEIS webpage is down.”

Chris MS : “We are in Aspendale Gardens, VIC, just north of the Mornington Penninsula, 30 km south of Melbourne, and felt the house shake.. At 9PM though, not 9AM. We also have reports from friends in Tecoma about their experience.”

Caron : “we felt a pretty strong earthquake in Hastings VIC at about 9-00pm”

Skull : “Yep - felt this thing in Longwarry North. Thought the building had been hit by a car! Scary stuff. First the bush fires - now earthquakes???”

John Turbon : “Felt whole house shake quite vigorously and loud noise in Endeavour Hills, very scary…”

Sam : “Malvern area, a small quake, lasted for 2-3 seconds. was not very strong.”

John : “Yeap, house creeked, and rumbled.. thought someone was running on my roof..”

AKS : “House (Wantirna South) was shaking - knew was earthquake straight away….no semi-trailers on my street.”

Andrew : “felt the tremor quite strong, lasted about 3 seconds, and 3 things fell off shelves. whole house seemed to shift momentarily. live in beaumaris.”

George : “just like to say it was felt in Warragul before some parts in Melbourne ( I was talking to someone in Melbourne and I felt the earthquake and told them then a few minutes later they felt it)”

Linda : “I felt it here in Kyneton, my hubby told me I was being ‘over tired and over sensitive’… that’ll learn him!”

Tim : “Yes what a sureal experience…went for about 5-7 seconds here in Doncaster, had a consistant intensity for the whole duration. Obviously diff home constructions would deliver diff sensations. Hope everyone is safe and no damage.”

Mani Narayana Aluri : “We live in Mulgrave. We around 9.00pm felt lot of shaking and vibrations of the house suddenly. There was mirror which was stuck to the wall suddenly started moving and my duaghter suddenly got up as her cot on which she was sitting started shaking. Though it was for few seconds, it is scary feeling to feel those vibrations.”

Steven : “Felt it at about 9pm in Greensborough, knew it was an earthquake… been in a few in NZ but never felt one in Auz.. quite wierd?? There are usually more and we could get bigger aftershocks!?”

Jodie Mclean : “Hi we live 25km east of Melbourne (Rowville). Our whole house shook dont know of any damage as of yet for it is simply too dark but I would be suprised to see cracks in the brick work in the morning.”

Dauber : “I’m in Bayswater, felt it too like my washing mashine is starting its “Long Spin” and someone’s opening my garage door at the same time!”

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