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November 19th, 2007 - 2:55 pm ICT by admin  

Bangkok, Nov 19 : The Adopt a Tree Today Organization which urges people to adopt trees and contribute to the issue of Global Warming has launched its website in its bid to facilitate people to adopt trees from all over globe over internet.

Adopt a Tree Today LogoThe Chairman of the Organization Mr. B. K. Kayan says “We understand that every one wants to plant the trees and contribute to the noble cause of reversing the Global warming phenomenon. However, it is evident that everyone can’t plant trees in this fast paced and modern life style.”

I have tried to introduce the new ways by which you can have your own trees through the internet. – just through the click of a button. Your trees will be on the earth as long as you want them to be. Its simple and just a mouse-click away! Visit .Just select a tree, click it and we will do the hard work for you!” He adds.

The organization will keep a proper record of the people and list and details on this web site with their respective name and their respective adopted number of trees. The fund generated from these adoption will be used to take better care of these plants and generate more and more plantations.

There is a unique feature of this program. Unlike other programs, it provides incentive to the common people to be able to adopt a tree and at the same time get good returns on their money.

The website says that the amount you will use for adoption will remain intact as your own money, and double the amount will be returned in 5 years. This effectively means that the money you put for this noble cause will be like investment with fixed profit. The profit comes as all trees are fruit bearing and you get profit from these fruits.

The Dream project is aimed to generate 10 Million Trees by 2010 and 100 Million Trees by 2020.

The project becomes even more important on the backdrop of warning from United Nations that The world will have to end its growth of carbon emissions within seven years and become mostly free of carbon-emitting technologies in about four decades to avoid killing as many as a quarter of the planet’s species from global warming. If the world misses that target and does not stabilize carbon dioxide emissions until 2030, for example, the planet’s temperature will increase by as much as 6.3 degrees Fahrenheit above 2000 temperatures, the report said. That level of warming would result in widespread extinctions of species, a slowing of the global currents, decreased food production, loss of 30 percent of global wetlands, flooding for millions of people and higher deaths from heat waves.

In another related news, the chief executive of Italy’s biggest utility Enel said that the Kyoto Protocol that obliges rich countries to cut greenhouse gas emissions is not efficient, urging all nations to join in fighting global warming.The Kyoto Protocol is the only international agreement on climate change. It ties 36 rich nations to caps on heat trapping carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions until 2012. “Kyoto has proved totally ineffective on the practical side,Enel CEO Fulvio Conti said in a speech at The World Energy Congress.


Adopt a Tree Today is working along with Goldenagro Group of Companies engaged in Plantation. The Group has member companies at Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Singapore and Mauritius. The fund collected from the adoptions are being spent for planting more trees and for better upkeep of the adopted trees. Our main aim is to do more plantations to make the Earth green and pollution free.

Corrospondence Office:

23 Soi Saraphi 2 Prachatipok Road,
Klongsan. Bangkok

Registered Office:

Adopt A Tree Today
Rm 1609-12A, Nan Fung Tower,
173 Des Voeux Rd Central, Hong Kong

Telephone: +66817535469
Fax: +6628615719

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