Zee TV Synopsis for the coming week (25th to 28 may 2009)

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Zee TV Synopsis for the coming week (25th to 28 may 2009) Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo

Everyone in the haveli wants to know what happened between Lali and Shekhar. Sumitra knows that Shekhar had walked out of Lali’s room in a matter of minutes and she is very tensed…Sumitra tries to reason with Shekhar to go back to Lali but Shekhar is rigid in his stand and refuses to budge. Will Sumitra manage to convince Shekhar?


Shree and Mangdaben find kalu jadu things in Bindiya’s room… Madhu is being blackmailed and she also goes to the purani kothi and thinks that Shree has found out the raaz of the Mehsaani Mangalsutra. At night Hari is called to the purani kothi by Kangana… Hari is almost in a trance and he reaches there… Shree also reaches there and finds Hari in Bindiya’s arms.

Banoo Main Teri Dulhann

Sindoora escapes and this time takes shelter in singh house and no one aware of it…and this time targets dia..aniket tries to catch hold of her but she injures him badly and escapes with dia. divya and bhaarat come and meet aniket but aniket asks them to follow her immediately but this time sindoora plays her ultimate plan which will shock the world as there are just a few hours left for amar’s death.

amar is being taken by the jailor to get ready as today he will be hanged …he’s been given bath given new clothes , being checked by the doctor . divya and bhaarat really worried where to find sindoora .. sindoora is chased by bhaarat and divya but they cannot do anything to her as she threatens to kill dia … clock ticks away and sindoora gets closer to victory …as amar is ready to be hanged in a few minutes ….and the game is over
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Zee TV Synopsis for the coming week (25th to 28 may 2009)

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