WWE Smackdown: Zack Ryder vs Ezekiel Jackson

August 6th, 2011 - 6:33 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Zack Ryder made his way to the ring last night on ‘WWE Friday Night Smackdown’ as the announcers argued over the fact that he is now Teddy Long’s assistant. Ryder claimed that the ratings went through the roof last week all because Triple H had made him the assistant general manager. Just as Zack was getting ready to announce the differences which he was planning to implement into Smackdown, Ezekiel Jackson interrupted. Jackson told Zack that he was there to ask why he was placed in a handicapped match with Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase. Zack claimed that they had agreed on the match

Rhodes and Dibiase then came out to tell Jackson that he was whining and did not deserve to be a champion anyway. He told Jackson that when he losing the Intercontinental Championship, that it would be good, because Jackson made the Championship look bad. Rhodes said that he would win that belt, and resurrect the Championship the same way he resurrected Ted Dibiase’s career. But Jackson told Ted that he was being used. That being in the CORRE, he knows what being used feels like, and that there is nothing better than freedom. Rhodes and Jackson argued back and forth for a bit, and soon a match between Dibiase and Jackson seemed about to happen. Teddy Long had something to say about it, however.

Teddy Long informed Zack Ryder that he was not the assistant general manager, he is the assistant to Teddy Long….nothing more than a glorified secretary. Teddy Long then informed Ryder that he would not be making a match, but instead would be in a match, against Jackson. Jackson very quickly won the match by placing Ryder in his “Torture Rack.”

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