WWE Smackdown: The “Nexus” Core

January 22nd, 2011 - 2:42 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Jan 22 (THAINDIAN NEWS) Wade Barrett made his way to the ring followed by his minions who make up the “new Nexus.” EH said that he has seen the error of his ways with the old group, because he tried to make it just about him, but it should have been about them all. He introduced each member of the new Nexus, with Ezekiel Jackson first saying he was proud to be a member of the “Core.” Heath Slater came next to say, “You haven’t seen nothing yet.” Justin Gabriel stated that “The Core” is his family.

Teddy Long came out to inform the group that they would be expected to play by the rules or there would be a problem. Wade Barrett tried to convince Long that the Core was a good thing for Smackdown. He told them that they could call themselves the Nina, Pinta, or Santa Maria for all he cares, he saw what they did on Raw, and he has no intention of letting the Core take over Smackdown. “I am not an anonymous General Manager and I saw what you did on Raw. You will not bring that here.” He went on to let them know that their attack on Big Show last week was unacceptable, and would not happen again. “Either like Smackdown, or you can leave it! Holla Holla Playa!” Long stated, and walked away.

Alberto Del Rio made his way to the ring for a match against R Truth. As that battle was underway, we were shown a scene from the back where Teddy Long was laying on the floor, with paramedics called to the scene. No one seemed to known what had happened to the General Manager who had just issued a warning to The Core. He was unconscious, but was said to have a good pulse, and was being taken to the hospital to be checked out. He had suffered severe trauma to the back of the head. Meanwhile, Alberto Del Rio won the match, after his ring announcer once again interfered with the match.

The Core went to Vickie Guerrero to inform her that they had nothing to do with what happened to Teddy Long. They also offered to help her in any way they could, since she is now in charge as acting General Manager. Vickie told them that her boyfriend, Dolph, would be facing Edge in two weeks, and that one of them would face Edge last night. “And I expect each and every one of you to live up to your reputation, Do I make myself clear?” she added. Essentially, Vickie just ordered the Core to attack Edge in their pack animal mentality and make sure he is not able to beat Dolph in two weeks.

Michelle McCool and Layla, or Team LayCool, made their way to the ring for Layla to face Beth Phoenix in a match which was dominated by the Glamazon. Beth Phoenix soon won the match, although she did favor her left shoulder throughout the match. Rey Mysterio came out next to face Cody Rhodes once again. Rhodes continued to attack the knee of Mysterio, which was already in a brace. Mysterio was able to slam Rhodes face first into the steel steps. Rey eventually won the match with a count of three. After the match, it was revealed that “Dashing Cody Rhodes” who is always so worried about his “pretty” face, had a broken nose from his face to steel encounter with the ring steps.

Jack Swagger came out next to meet his opponent, Kofi Kingston, whom he had issued a challenge to. Although Swagger came out looking to embarrass and humiliate Kingston, Kofi managed to get the best of Swagger. Trent Barretta, and Drew McIntyre made their way to the ring for a match which was sure to be full of malice on Drew’s part, since he lost to Trent last week. In no time at all, Drew won the match with a vengeance. As the two men went at it after the match, Kelly came out and told Drew to leave her alone. She told Drew last week that she does not want anything to do with a man who likes beating on other people.

The Miz came out and as the audience booed at him, he stated, “Tell me how you really feel.” It only seemed to make the roars louder. Miz is not well liked by the crowd, as his persona is one of cockiness and smug self-worship. Edge soon interrupted the mess, and told Miz that he was dumb. “I am sick of you ‘Raw’ rejects coming to Smackdown, and thinking that you own this place.” He reminded Miz that he would not have won his match if Randy Orton had not just completed a match seconds before the attack. Edge told Miz that with the Core after him, he had more things to worry about than Miz, and ordered Miz to leave the ring. As Alex turned to yell at Edge, Edge speared him.

Vickie announced a guest commentator for the next match, her boyfriend Dolph Zigler. The match was to be between Edge and one of the Core members, although all of the members were in the ring as the match began. Justin Gabriel stayed on after the bell to take on Edge, as the other Core members stood at ringside. Justin Gabriel won the match, and as Vickie watched on with a Cheshire cat grin, the Core surrounded Edge in the ring. They soon went to work on Edge in a manner which was forbidden at the beginning of the show by the fallen Teddy Long.

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