WWE Smackdown: Taker/ Triple H and Christian Return

March 5th, 2011 - 12:11 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Mar 5 (THAINDIAN NEWS) As WWE Friday Night Smackdown began, Edge challenged Drew McIntyre to a match which Teddy Long ordered Drew to compete in, or be fired. Long also pointed out that Drew was to thank for Vickie Guerrero being fired last week, since he helped her lose the match that would have won her job back. As the match between these two men continued, Drew yelled, “He’s not going to Wrestlemania, I am going to end his career tonight!” Despite the confident words from Drew, the World Heavy Weight Champion, Edge won the match with a new submission move which was something of a mutated Sharpshooter.

Dashing Cody Rhodes came out wearing Rey Mysterio’s mask over the plastic face protection he must wear since Rey busted his nose a few week’s ago. Cody and his dad, Dusty Rhodes set Rey up last week, and attacked him, hurting him and taking the mask. Cody ordered the audience not to look at him. He whines for a bit about the damage which Rey did to his face,and then bragged about hurting him back last week, and how good it felt. He then issued Rey a challenge to Wrestlemania 27.

Justin and Heath of the Core came out to the ring, with the other Core members close at their sides for the next match. Santino and Koslov rushed out to join their opponents with no fear apparent on their faces. Justin and Heath took the Tag Team Championship from Santino and Koslov, who are hoping to get it back. Due to interference from the other Core members, Wade Barrett and Ezekiel Jackson, of course, Santino and Koslov lost the match.

The Undertaker came out after a rewind of last week’s worlds from Triple H of his intentions to beat Taker at Wrestlemania. Taker told Triple H that there are streaks which cannot be broken, referring to his won winning streak. He said that Triple H had not said much last week that he didn’t agree with We are the last of an era and a dying breed. He is everything that he says he is of not more, in my opinion, probably the greatest world heavyweight champion over the last decade and a half.”

But he went on to say that he found it interesting that Triple H thinks he has found a way to destroy the Undertaker…and “all you have to do is beat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania…easier said than done.” He spoke of how Triple H is going to take everything he has accomplished and go for broke. Taker says that when Triple H loses, “and he will lose,” that he will be nothing but a statistic. He promises to show Triple H what it means to “Rest in Peace.”

In an amazing confrontation, the Big Red Machine, Kane, made his way to the ring to meet the World’s Largest Athlete, The Big Show. Kane began to match by slapping Show, which of course did not receive a warm reception. The two giants took each other off their feet, and soon they both lay on the ring floor. Wade Barrett and the Core came out and gave a steel chair to Kane, and as Kane smacked Show with it, the bell rang, signaling the end of the match by disqualification. Just then, Kane turned and smacked Justin Gabriel of the Core and took him out as well. Kane seemed to be showing the Core that he stands alone.

Michael Cole came out with Jack Swagger, rambling on about how he is going to beat Jerry the King Lawler at Wrestlemania. He demanded respect from the booing audience, and shared that next week he will be announcing his guest referee. He also told the city of Cleveland, where the show was aired from last night, stinks. Swagger then had a match with JTG.

Long came out to announce that it was now time for the official WWE Wrestlemania contract signing. Alberto Del Rio came to the ring in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, and stated that the best way to start the night off was by singing the Mexican National Anthem. Edge came out and interrupted him, and the signing ceremony was underway. Del Rio told him that as soon as he signed, “It is the beginning of the end for you.” As the crowd chanted “U S A, U S A, U S A,” Edge warned Teddy that it was probably about to get violent. As Teddy Long stepped out of the ring, the two men entered into a street brawl which ended Christian came to Edges defense. Christian has been out for six months because of Del Rio, and tonight was about revenge as much as it was for defending Edge.

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