WWE Smackdown: Rey Mysterio Unmasked- Vickie Fired

February 26th, 2011 - 12:43 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Feb 26 (THAINDIAN NEWS) Last Friday night was the six hundredth episode of WWE Friday Night Smackdown, which brought back the General Manager, Teddy Long, who re-hired Edge, and fired Dolph Zigler after he accused Dolph and Vickie of being the ones who had him attacked. Edge regained his championship as well and is once again the World Heavy Weight Champion.

Teddy opened last night’s show with an announcement that although he had every reason to fire Vickie, he was going to give her a chance to fight for her job in a tag team match, and if she loses, she will be fired.

Rey Mysterio came out to enter the ring amidst pyrotechnics and the cheers of the crowd. Kane soon followed with sparks of his own. Kane dominated through much of the match, but Rey is not going to quit, no matter what. Kane through the smaller man around like a rag doll as the announcers argued over whether or not Vickie Guerrero should be fired. As Kane held Rey in mid air, Rey head butted Kane a few times and made the huge man release him.

Rey managed to get on the top ropes in the corner, and knocked Kane down. Once he got the big man down, it was easy to get a few punches and kicks in. Kane was able to recover, however, and got Rey down for another “2” count. Rey to back up, and positioned Kane to receive a 619, and the lion-hearted Rey won the match, as everyone, including Rey himself, looked shocked.

“The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes made his way out to the ring as Rey was celebrating his victory. Dusty apologized to Rey for his son, Cody, for his actions and the things which Cody had been saying ever since Rey broke Cody’s nose in a match. He had to go through reconstructive surgery a few weeks ago, and now has to wear a plastic mask over his face. “Dashing Cody Rhodes” is very fanatical about his looks, and was visibly shaken to have to come out.

He did not want to apologize to Rey, and told his father so in front of everyone. “Because of him I didn’t have an Elimination Chamber, because of him I didn’t have a Royal Rumble, no Chamber, no Rumble…no.” But Rusty spoke to his son of pride, and showed his WWE Ring. He told his son that he had lost focus, when the divas voted him the most handsome man on the planet. “You are out here doing commercials, looking dashing…..you wanna go to Hollywood, and you lost focus…”

Dusty went on to say that while Cody was being “Dashing”, Edge came back from an injury and own the Heavy Weight Championship, and the Miz took over Cody’s spot. He also told Cody that to blame it all on a friend of the family, Rey, was wrong, and he needed to make it right. Cody apologized to his dad, and told Rey, “I should not have said the things that I said, I apologize.” but then Cody attacked Rey form behind in what was obviously a set up. Cody continued to pummel Rey as Booker T spoke of how he was disappointed and had had respect for Dusty Rhodes before this. Cody snatched off Rey’s mask, while the smaller man lay face down on the ramp. EMT’s rushed out and placed a towel over Rey’s head before his face was seen, although pictures of Rey unmasked are available on the net.

The saga between the members of LayCool continued as Michelle McCool cost Layla her match by interrupting it with what was supposed to be “help.” Layla was disqualified due to that “help.” Her anger was apparent, but she left the ring with Michelle.

A few more playbacks were shown to the audience, including John Cena’s response to The Rock.

A battle between the Big Show and Wade Barrett was pretty much ruled by the giant, until the Core “leader” crawled on Show’s back and choked him out for a bit. Show managed to reach the ropes, and break the hold, but Barrett still maintained control. After several more moves, The Big Show won due to a disqualification as Wade Barrett was counted out. The Core all came into the ring to attack Show, but he took a steel chair and chased them all out running.

Kelly Kelly, who was hired back by Teddy Long after being fired by Vickie Guerrero a few weeks ago, was up next, alongside Edge in the tag team match that would determine Vickie’s future with the WWE. If Vickie loses, Teddy announced that she would be fired. Vickie’s partner was Drew McIntyre, who once had a love interest in Kelly Kelly. His head did not seem to be on the match, but rather on Kelly as he and Edge went at it.

It did not take long at all for Vickie and Drew to lose to Edge and Kelly. Teddy Long came out and raised his arms in the air with a huge smile on his face, while Vickie was on her knees outside the ring in tears. Vickie screamed and begged Teddy Long to let her stay, but his answer was, “Vickie, you’re fired!”Vickie scrambled around for anyone who would help her, from the referee to Booker T to Michael Cole, but no one could help. Booker laughed at her, but Cole promised to talk to teddy for her. Even Edge looked distressed for a bit.

Then Vickie took the mic, and spoke to Edge of the great chemistry they had together..and claimed that her heart was always with him. “You’re the world champion, you can help.” She fell at Edge’s feet and begged him to help her. He told her that yes, she was right, he could help her get her job back….and there was a long pause. “But instead I think I’d rather sing, ‘Nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey Goodbye.” A defeated Vickie walked away from the ring…and then turned screaming in rage.

Alberto Del Rio came out of nowhere while Edge was distracted, and attacked from behind. He tried to break the arm of Edge, perhaps sensing that Edge will be a threat to him when they face off at Wrestlemania.

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