WWE Smackdown Prelude to Survivor Series

November 20th, 2010 - 3:30 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Nov 20 (THAINDIAN NEWS) As Antonio Del Rio started off the show bragging on his abilities, MVP stepped out from the back and informed Del Rio that he would hit him in the mouth for disrespecting the ring and all that it represents. He told Del Rio that guys like him are a dime a dozen and he needs to realize that it is the WWE Legends who paved the way for him to even be here.

But Del Rio insisted that MVP couldn’t handle him, and so he would bring out ‘The Chosen One’ Drew McEntire. The two men immediately began their battle, with each of them taking their turn at the helm. MVP received a boot to the jaw at one point, and Drew soon received one to the face. MVP eventually won it by kicking Drew in the face again, knocking the Scotsman out.

Edge was seen, still holding Paul Bearer prisoner, and Kane was livid as he demanded that the General Manager Teddy Long tell him where his father is. Teddy tried to explain to Kane that he did not know, but Kane began to throw furniture. Later in the night, Kane found Edge with Paul Bearer in the back of a van. Edge attacked Kane, jumped into the van, and told Kane, “I don’t know if he can swim, but let’s see if he floats.” Edge had been torturing Paul all through the night.

Chris Masters came out next to go at it with Jack Swagger. Masters soon locked in the ‘Master Lock’ but Swagger drug Masters halfway across the ring,m jumped over the ropes, and forced Masters to let him go. He turned the tides, and locked in the ‘Ankle Lock’ on Masters, winning the match.

Dolph Zigler came out next, with Vickie back at his side. He bragged about his wrestling abilities, and about having the “hottest girlfriend in the world”, much to Vickie’s delight. His opponent was Kaval, and the two men soon engaged in a see-saw battle which was won by Kaval. It was a huge first victory for the newcomer. Kaval had an exciting announcement to make. At Survivor Series on Sunday, Kaval will battle Zigler for the Intercontinental Championship.

Cody Rhodes and Kofee Kingston came next, in a pretty evenly matched fight. During the five on five match at Survivor Series, it is very likely that these two men could once again be in the ring together. Cody Rhodes soon won the match by pulling on the hair and tights of Kingston, which the referee didn’t see.

Tyler Reks had to face The Big Show next, but soon took the big man off of his feet., If he were to beat Show, it would be a huge win for the smaller man. But Big Show soon retaliated, and Tyler’s chance seemed gone. Big Show very quickly pinned Reks for the three count and it was all over but the crying.

Del Rio and Mysterio had a match up soon after, and the two of them made it very clear that there was some bad blood between them. Soon Del Rio’s team came out to gang up on Mysterio, but with MVP in the lead, the Mysterio group rushed to Rey’s aide. But Long, the GM came out and announced a ten man Survivor Series Battle Royal, between the two teams.

Masters and Rhodes were soon kicked out of the ring, with Rhodes going first. That made one man from each team out. Tykler Reks went next, followed by Kofee Kingston. MVP was next to leave the ring, and then Show threw McEntire out. Mysterio managed to get Del Rio out, and then Big Show through Swagger out as Rey held the top rope down to let him go. This leaves Rey Mysterio’s team as the winner.

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