WWE Smackdown MAIN EVENT: Orton & Morrison vs Truth & Christian

August 6th, 2011 - 6:34 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Intensity was in the eyes of John Morrison as he and Randy Orton made their way to the WWE Ring last night on ‘WWE Friday Night Smackdown’. Christian and Morrison took to the ring, and danced in a turn which no one really lead. They were pretty evenly matched, and each man was able to pull quite a few moves on the other as Orton and Truth looked on anxiously. It was R Truth who had placed John Morrison on the injured list not once, but twice, and Morrison had a score to settle.

As soon as Truth was tagged in, Morrison began to let his aggression out on the other man intensely. As Christian tried to interrupt and save his partner, Randy Orton chased him around the ring, refusing to let him stop Morrison’s rage. Morrison continued to kick and pummel R Truth, and then quickly turned to kick Christian as he tried once again to interrupt. Just as Morrison turned back, however, Truth managed to get the upper hand over him. It was then Truth’s turn to pummel Morrison as Orton watched helplessly. Truth soon tagged Christian in as Morrison lay limp in the center of the ring. As Orton reached for Morrison to make the tag, Christian pushed Orton off the side of the ring, leaving Morrison alone once again.

Soon it was Christian and Orton in the ring, and the two men became engaged in an intense battle for dominance. Just as Orton appeared to be about to kick Christian in the head, Truth interrupted. Morrison and Orton both managed to kick Truth out of the ring, and soon Christian made the mistake of taking his eyes of Orton. As Orton went for the move, Truth stepped back in the ring, and Orton performed the RKO on Truth. It was just enough, however, for Christian to get one over on Orton, and he pinned him for the three count, winning the match for himself and R Truth.

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