WWE Smackdown: Kane’s on the Edge

December 18th, 2010 - 3:02 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Dec 17 (THAINDIAN NEWS) Edge made his way out the the ring as WWE Friday Night Smackdown began. Last week, Kane accidentally pushed his father, Paul Bearer off of a very long drop because of pranks which Edge had been pulling. Edge began to explain last night how bizarre the last few weeks with Kane and Paul had been. Kane has been missing ever since the incident in which he harmed his own father, because of Edge.

Edge, Rey, and Alberto Del Rio all went before the Smackdown General manager, concerned over Kane’s disappearance since he threw Paul over the edge. They all wanted to compete in the Ladders Tables and Chairs competition this Sunday on TLC pay per view. Teddy Long agreed, if Kane does not show up, then there will be a triple threat match between the men, and if Kane does show up, it will become a fatal four-way.

Kofi Kingston came out with Kaval to meet Dolph Zigler and Jack Swagger. The tag team match between these four contestants was an ongoing battle for quite some time, as members from both teams seemed determined to win. Kofi finally managed to pull it off, and the team of Kofi and Kaval won the match.

Cody Rhodes and Chris Masters were soon ready for their match. Cody defeated the world’s strongest man, Mark Henry just last week, but Masters seems confident that he can take down Cody Rhodes this week, but in a matter of just a few minutes, Cody Rhodes had the victory.

Rey Mysterio made his way to the ring to meet with The Miz. Miz is due to meet Randy Orton one on one in ‘TLC’ for the championship, but for now he must get past Rey. As the two men went at it, Miz seemed to dominate the match for a while, and even managed to get to a two count. Once again, The Miz wins the match, due to interference from Alberto Del Rio and Alex Riley. but soon after winning, Miz was attacked by Edge. Teddy Long seemed to have had enough of the clowning and came out to announce a tag team match between Edge & Mysterio, vs Del Rio and Miz.

Santino and Koslov soon were in the ring with Tyler Rex and Chavo. The foursome went at it in a tag team match, as the crowd looked on. The march was over quickly with Santino’s cobra move to Chavo.

Alberto Del Rio made his way to the ring in his shiny car as his personal ring announcer made Del Rio’s presence known to the Spanish speaking audience. Edge came out as well to face Del Rio and Miz alongside his partner, Rey. Edge and Miz went at it first, with Edge quickly gaining control of the ring. Mysterio was soon tagged in, and continued the assault on Miz. This time Miz managed to turn the tables, however, and soon got a two count on Rey.

Tagging in Del Rio, Miz let the “golden boy” take over on the battle with Rey. Del Rio continued to unleash his wrath on the much smaller Rey, and threw him out of the ring as the announcer began the count. Both men made it back into the ring, however, and the match ensued. As Miz took over again, Rey came back and seemed to gain an edge for a while. As the match raged on, a shot of Kane in the back was seen.

Suddenly, an explosion of fire announced Kane’s arrival, and he ran to the ring and began to beat down on Edge. Soon most of the WWE Smackdown roster was in the ring trying to separate the two men, and they still could not get Kane off of Edge. Once they were finally apart, Kane fought threw almost half of all of the WWE wrestlers, just to be speared by Edge. TLC will definitely be a dangerous place to be.

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