WWE Smackdown: Kane vs Randy Orton

July 23rd, 2011 - 6:00 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

July 23 (THAINDIAN NEWS) As Kane came out on WWE Friday Night Smackdown for his street brawl with Randy Orton, he came out on fire. Kane immediately began to beat down on the Viper, but Orton was not having it. He struck back and attacked the Big Red Machine with a vengeance. Kane’s response was to slam Orton over the top rope and onto the floor outside the ring. Kane continued to pound Orton, as punches began to be thrown both ways.

The match moved up the ramp, but there would be no count out in the street fight match. As Orton reached under the ring, he pulled out a Kendo stick, and started to began to beat Kane with it. Kane took complete control of Orton quickly, however, and Orton was soon writhing on the floor.

As Kane awakened the monster within, Orton seemed to begin to hear those voices in his head as well. The two giants faces off and soon Orton caused Kane to fall out of the ring, and on the floor outside. Kane delivered a huge uppercut to Orton, however, and then began to take the announcer’s table apart. Kane grabbed Orton by the throat, but Orton fought back and was soon standing on the table, slamming Kane in the head with his fist. Both men ended up back on the floor.

Soon the match made it back into the ring once again. After Randy Orton fell off the announcer’s table, the entire pace of the match was changed, and Orton’s eyes seemed to cloud over as if he were “no longer there.” He fought back with a vengeance, but Kane managed to get Orton down for a count of two. The wear and tear began to show on the two men, and soon Kane lay flat on the ring floor with Orton standing over him. As Orton went for the punt to Kane’s head, Kane suddenly jumped up and choke slammed Orton. Orton jumped out of Kane’s hold on the count of two, however, much to everyone’s disbelief.

Kane soon grabbed a chair and went to work on Orton, who was writhing in pain on the floor of the ring. Somehow, the Viper managed to get up and perform an “RKO” off the chair and onto Kane, and Randy Orton wins the match! As their match ended, the two huge men shook hands as a sign of respect for each other. After Orton left the ring, Mark Henry came out and attacked the exhausted Kane, showing no respect. Placing Kane’s leg in a steel chair, Henry jumped from the ropes and slammed the chair, injuring the Big Red Machine.

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