WWE Smackdown: Kane vs Big Show

November 13th, 2010 - 2:59 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Nov 13 (THAINDIAN NEWS) As Edge took the stage to make it clear that he intends to be the Heavy Weight Champion going in to Wrestlemania in Atlanta, the Nexus came out to the stage. Vickie Guerrero quickly came out and stated that Teddy Long had been detained by customs, which put her in charge. She told David Otunga that if any member of Nexus comes into the ring during his ring, but if they enter the ring, Otunga loses.

She did permit Nexus to stand outside the ring, but that they would be joined by the entire roster of Smackdown. If Otunga loses the match, he is to be ex-communicated from Nexus. Vickie then made Otunga and Edge shake hands “like proper English gentlemen” since they were in Manchester, but Edge soon speared Otunga out of the ring, knocking over several members of Nexus.

Alberto Del Rio came out to wrestle against Kofee Kingston. Del Rio was fighting for the respect that he feel he deserves for being of Mexican royalty, while Kofee was just fighting period. Delivering quite an upper-cut, Kofee made Del Rio have to momentarily regroup, and Kofee took him down for a two count, but Del Rio came back to win it. As Del Rio went to leave the ring, Rey Mysterio attacked him, leaving Del Rio to scream, “No mas!”

Layla of Lay Cool and Natalya of The Hart Dynasty went at it again, with Natalya winning it by submission. Edge made his way to the ring next, and entered into the lumberjack match against Otunga. Each time a contestant was thrown from the ring, the corresponding group outside the ring would throw them back in. If the Nexus interfered at all, however, then Otunga would lose the match, thus getting him removed from the group.

McGillicutti, a Nexus member tried to interfere with the match, and was met with a spear from Edge. Soon, however, as the officials were busy watching outside the ring to be sure no one interfered, Kane entered the ring and slammed Edge. Otunga then pinned the unconscious Edge, and won the match, thus staying in the Nexus.

MVP and Dolph Zigler went at it, with Dolph winning after a very difficult match. MVP was touching the rope, but, as usual, the ref did not see it. Then it was time for the Big Show to meet with Kane in the ring. Paul Bearer was no where to be seen, much to Kane’s dismay.

For once, Kane looked like a smaller man in the ring against the huge Big Show. Show flattened the Big Red Monster, who was clearly distracted by the disappearance of Paul Bearer, who could be seen by the audience back stage in a wheelchair, tied up and gagged, mumbling, “Kane! Kane!”

But Kane was obviously in a weakened condition, and the Big Show seemed to definitely have the advantage. A collision of the two huge men ended with Kane lying on the floor outside the ring. Kane came right back in, however, and attempted to go up on the top rope. The Big Show seemed ready to do a Superplex, but Kane managed to stop it.

Edge appeared, calling Kane’s attention to Paul Bearer, whom Edge was pushing, still tied and gagged in the wheelchair. The Big Show took full advantage of the situation, and choke slammed Kane, winning the match. Edge told Paul to say goodbye to his son, and Kane seemed enraged as the show ended.

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