WWE Smackdown: John Cena vs Wade Barrett

August 31st, 2011 - 1:36 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Aug 31 (THAINDIAN NEWS) Last night was a historic Smackdown, held on Tuesday, in what was known as “Super-Smackdown.” Stars from both the ‘WWE Monday Night Raw’ roster and the ‘WWE Friday Night Smackdown’ roster starred on the show which had been announced by Triple H on the previous night on the ‘WWE Raw Super-show’.

The show began with an appearance from John Cena. The show was broadcast on the SyFy Channel live from Wichita, Kansas. Cena took the opportunity to warn Alberto Del Rio that he was going to be hurt. He called Del Rio out and said, “Senor, if you are back there, get on out here, let’s start Super Smackdown with a beat down.” Just then, Ricardo Rodriguez came out to announce the appearance of Del Rio. He brought a message from Del Rio, that Cena would have to wait until the ‘Night of Champions’ to do battle with Del Rio. Cena’s message back to Del Rio was to knock Rodriguez down.

Just then Wade Barrett made his way out to insult Cena. He accused Cena of trying to hijack the show. He said that although Del Rio may be running scared, Wade was not, and had personally demanded a match with Cena to show that this is not Cena’s personal playground. Barrett reminded Cena, “I used to own you,” and promised to make Cena feel just as pathetic as he did then. Cena warned Wade not to take his kindness for weakness, and promised Wade “some payback.” He invited Wade to step into the ring with him and get the payback.

Cena dominated the match from the beginning, on fire and exacting his revenge on Wade Barrett as the crowd cheered, “Cena, Cena, Cena!” Barrett soon had Cena in the corner, however, and managed to get a few punches in before Cena took over again. Cena made it look easy as he tossed Barrett around like a sack of flour. Wade was finally able to slam Cena and get a two count, but it was not enough.

Barrett then proceeded to get Cena back into the corner, and administer a few more punches to the gut of Cena. Once again, Cena came out of the corner to slam Barrett to the ring floor. Giving Barrett the ‘You Can’t See Me’, the ‘Five Knuckle Shuffle’ and an ‘Attitude Adjustment’ before pinning Barrett for the three count, and the win.

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