WWE Smackdown: Edge’s Spear Banned!

January 29th, 2011 - 2:14 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Jan 29 (THAINDIAN NEWS) As Vickie Guerrero stepped out into the ring to give her exaggerated concern for Teddy Long, the General Manager who was attacked last week, Randy Orton interrupted. When Vickie told him that he shouldn’t be there, since his match is not until later, he told her to calm down, that he was there to chow his appreciation for being invited to Smackdown. He told her that she would have to excuse him for what he was going to do to her boyfriend, Dolph Zigler, later in the night. He went on to say that he was also going to destroy the Miz as well.

Orton put his arm around Vickie, and said “As for you, there is no excuse.” Zigler came out and ordered Orton “Never again will you disrespect me, my girlfriend, or anyone who stands behind us.” Orton answered with an RKO. Orton and Edge had a match against Dolph and the Miz later in the night.

As LayCool stepped out, Kaitlyn and Kelly Kelly attacked them before they ever reached the ring. LayCool, the team of Michelle McCool and Layla, were thrown into the ring by the other girls, and the match was getting pretty serious before the bell ever rang. Within seconds, LayCool had taken over and won the match.

Drew McIntyre stepped out, making his way to the ring to meet his opponent, JTG. Kelly Kelly watched from the sidelines, after criticizing Drew last week for being too vicious outside of the ring, which is interesting considering the attack by her and Kaitlyn on LayCool earlier. As Drew won the match, Kelly stepped into the ring, but Drew turned his back, and walked away without acknowledging her.

An interview was given with Cody Rhodes, who was explaining the horror of having his nose broken. He cannot be in the Royal Rumble, and does not want to be seen. Rye Mysterio broke Cody’s nose last week. Cody kept his back turned to the camera during the whole interview.

Alberto Del Rio came in driving a one hundred and fifty thousand dollar Mercedes. He stated that tonight he would prove that it was his destiny to win the Royal Rumble. He stated that he had thirty nine men who wanted to wrestle him in a Royal Rumble type match, and Del Rio was to wrestle them all. Seth Allen came first, and was thrown out. Mike Stevens was next, a brass knuckles champion. Kane came out next, and Del Rio looked shocked. Kane was clearly not in his plans. Kane holds the record for the most eliminations in a single Royal Rumble match.

Kane had Del Rio in a bad way when the buzzer went off again, signaling time for the next competitor, Kofi Kingston. Kofi came out and tossed both Kane and Del Rio over the side. Rey Mysterio ran out to his aide. Vickie came out screaming that she would not have her show out of control. But since all four men were in the ring, she made a tag team match effective immediately between the teams of Kofi and Rey against Kane and Del Rio.

Rey Mysterio also holds a Royal Rumble record, lasting longer than any other contestant in 2006, when he stayed in for over an hour. Rey and Del Rio went at it for quite some time before Del Rio tagged in Kane. Rey tagged in Kofi, and soon all four men were going at it outside the ring. Kane and Del Rio were arguing amongst themselves, and before the match was over, Kane left Del Rio in the ring alone. Kofi and Rey won the match.

Big Show came out to tell how much he would love to win this Sunday since he has never won a Royal Rumble match. The Core came out and surrounded the ring. These men took Big Show down last week. Show asked if none of them had the guts to try him one on one. He looked at Ezekiel Jackson who body slammed him last week, and said, “Why don’t you try me one on one and see how well you do.”

Heath Slater soon attacked Show from behind, and the bell rang, signaling the match. Show very quickly took control and won the match after choke slamming Slater. The other Core members entered the ring to attack Show, and just as the former Nexus did on Raw, the Core began to attack like a pack of wolves. Several men from the Smackdown roster ran out and forced the Core to retreat.

The Miz came out to explain that Orton’s earlier antics meant absolutely nothing in regards to the Royal Rumble. Dolph came out next, with Vickie by his side. The Miz and Dolph were ready for their match against Edge and Orton. These contenders seemed as if they could not wait until Sunday to get at each other. After a long battle, however, it seemed as though Edge was the most eager to win, as he managed to take Dolph down for a three count. Vickie screamed her protest and informed Edge that if he hit Dolph with a spear at the Royal Rumble, he was disqualified. So Edge proceeded to spear Dolph repeatedly.

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