WWE Smackdown: Edge’s Belt on the Line

February 12th, 2011 - 5:33 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Feb 12 (THAINDIAN NEWS) Alberto Del Rio came out to start off WWE Friday Night Smackdown to speak once again of his destiny. He made a few snide remarks at Aaron Rogers for winning the Super Bowl, implying that he Rogers was no “real” champion and that Del Rio was. Kofi came out to tell Del Rio that there was no crystal ball that told his destiny.

“Right now, it’s just you and me, and THIS is your destiny,” Kofi said, brandishing a Kin-do stick as Del Rio actually hit his knees and begged Kofi not to beat him with the stick. Last week Del Rio did beat Kofi with one, and Kofi held nothing back in repaying him last night. He chased Del Rio all over the ring hitting him and then chased him out. A match soon broke out which was won by Del Rio.

Koslov, of the team Santino and Koslov, tag team champions was up against Justin Gabriel of The Core. With distractions from other Core members, such as Heath Slater, Gabriel managed to win the match. The Core then went to work on both of the Tag Team Champions, perhaps hinting that Gabriel and Slater will go after the Tag Team Belt soon.

Drew McIntyre was then set to battle Chris Masters. Before his match, Drew took the mic and stated that he blames Edge for Kelly Kelly getting fired mast week, and that he would get him back for that. Then he looked at the camera, and said that he knew she was watching from home. “This one’s for you,” he expressed to her as he went to beat his opponent.

The next match was the first time in which Rey Mysterio and Wade Barrett had ever faced off. The match began with Barrett pounding on Rey, and he almost had his opponent a couple of times, but Rey is resilient and will not lay down and take being beaten without a serious fight.

Wade Barrett eventually overcame Rey, and the Core then proceeded to come out with the same animal pack mentality that the first Nexus had under Barrett’s rule and attacked Rey. The Big Show came out to his friend’s aide, and slammed all of the Core out of the ring. It did not take long before the number of the Core overcame the size of the giant.

Kane made his way to the ring to meet JTG in their match. Kane dominated the match from the time he stepped into the ring and the bell sounded, and quickly defeated JTG. Kane will be inside the menacing elimination chamber a week from this coming Sunday.

LayCool, the team made up of Michelle McCool and Layla, were in the match as the WWE Diva’s Champion, Eve, came out to wrestle with Layla. Layla and Michelle seemed to have some tension as the match began, with Layla telling Michelle that she could not so it without Michelle’s support. Michelle tried to assure Layla that she had it, but Layla still lost the match, which Michelle did not seem happy about.

Soon the match between Edge and Dolph was underway. Edge could easily lose his World Heavyweight Championship belt in this one, since non other than his ex wife, Dolph’s girlfriend, Vickie Guerrero would be the guest referee. The audience booed her as she made her way to the ring, and snatched the mic from the announcer with her shrill and annoying “excuse me!” She went on to remind everyone that Edge is not allowed to use his signature move, “The Spear.”

As Dolph pinned Edge, Vickie counted very quickly, but Edge was faster and kicked out. Vickie was obviously favoring her boyfriend, allowing him to make many moves which she did not allow Edge. As Edge covered Dolph, Vickie counted “one, two,” and then placed Dolph’s foot on the rope on count three, as she laughed out loud at her power over Edge.

Vickie began to look furious from the corner, and begged Edge to get up. Looking quite insane, she screamed and waited…and ran at Edge to Spear him, but only bounced off him like she was nothing. As Vickie was being treated for her pain at ringside, Dwight Matthews, line-backer of the Green Bay Packers came out to referee and Edge won the match!

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