WWE Smackdown: Christmas Eve Show

December 25th, 2010 - 3:51 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Dec 25 (THAINDIAN NEWS) As WWE Smackdown began on Christmas Eve night, Randy Orton and The Miz came out to meet each other after Miz retained his title against Orton last week. They quickly tied up and the match was underway. The audience chanted “Randy, Randy, Randy” as he and Miz battled. Miz tried to run away from Orton several times, but Orton was furious about the way in which Miz had one the last two matches, and he was not about to let Miz get away. Orton won the match by disqualification, when the match was interrupted by Alex Riley.

The Big Show made an appearance as the world’s largest Santa Clause to read his version of “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” Chavo and Santino went at it next. Santino slammed Chavo’s head into the ring post a few times, disorienting him. Soon, Santino used the Cobra to subdue his opponent…and the match was soon over.

The new world heavy weight champion, the Rated ‘R’ Superstar, Edge made his way to the ring as the crowd cheered. HE shared some of his story, and how he made it to the championship. Kane soon interrupted him, and told him that his story was finished… and that Kane was going to write the ending to Edge’s story…which would end with Edge’s body broken. Edge cut him off and called him out, “Why don’t we just do this right now, Kane vs Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship.” But Kane refused.

Drew McEntire made his way to the ring to meet his opponent, Kaval. It took no time at all for Drew to toss Kaval around the ring and render him unconscious to win the match. Then the personal ring announcer of Alberto Del Rio announced his arrival, as Del Rio drove up in a Rolls Royce. Jack Swagger soon met Del Rio in the ring as Kofi Kingston bounced down the ramp to meet the two previous wrestlers.

Rey Mysterio ran down to meet the challenge, weighing in at 175 pounds. Kofi and Rey were all set to battle against Jack and Del Rio. Del Rio and Swagger were both soon thrown out of the ring and laying on the cement floor below. Swagger and Del Rio soon regained control and put up quite a fight, but Rey and Kofi came back to win the match.

Dolph Zigler and his girlfriend, Vickie made their way to the ring to meet with John Cena for a match which Vickie had demanded. The two of them managed to keep John Cena from being able to build any momentum for the first half of the match. Of course, the match was mostly between the two men, and Zigler and Cena both caused each other a great deal of pain. Soon enough, Cena managed to win the match, but CM Punk, for the second time this week, assaulted John Cena just after his win.

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