WWE Smackdown: Awakening the Giant

January 15th, 2011 - 1:34 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Jan 15 (THAINDIAN NEWS) When he was the leader of Nexus, Wade Barrett upset many of the WWE Superstars, including a bitter feud with John Cena. Now that he is Smackdown’s newest star, he has angered a giant, when he attacked The Big Show, costing him the opportunity to become the number one contender for the WWE Championship. Would Barrett’s first order of business last night on Smackdown be his last?

Del Rio made his way to the ring in yet another hundred thousand dollar car, as his ring announcer made his presence known to all of the Spanish speaking people in the audience. Alberto Del Rio began to brag about the fact that he intends to win at Royal Rumble, as R Truth came out to tell “the truth”, to say that Del Rio had lost his mind. He told Del Rio that fancy cars, creepy ring announcers, or “destiny” would not get him a win at Royal Rumble in two weeks. R Truth stated that winning the Royal Rumble is one thing Del Rio cannot buy or inherit, but that he has to own that on his own. Royal Rumble is a live pat per view event in which twenty nine wrestlers will compete in the ring at one time. Anyone who is thrown over the top rope to land with both feet on the floor outside the ring is out, and the last man left in the ring is the winner who will go on to compete at Wrestlemania.

Just then, Dashing Cody Rhodes stepped out to announce that he too plans to win the Royal Rumble, and go on to Wrestlemania. Just as he began to explain that “This is the face that’s going to win Royal Rumble,” Rey Mysterio came out to say that winning the Royal Rumble “isn’t about looking like a diva, Cody, or about destiny, Del Rio.” He went on to say that it is about stepping up. All four men ended up in a fight, of course, and Teddy Long made his way out to stop the action. Long announced a match to occur right then between Dashing Cody Rhodes & Alberto Del Rio, against R Truth & Rey Mysterio. With a 619 to the face of Cody Rhodes, Rey Mysterio won the match for his team.

Trent Barretta had a match next, against Drew McIntyre. “The Chosen One.” Two weeks ago these two had a match up in which Drew was vicious in his attack on his opponent, but Trent jumped into the match last night showing no fear. Trent has been experiencing pain and numbness in his hands and arms after the injury to his neck in the last match he was in against Drew, and was said to have been competing last night against his doctor’s advice. Although Drew dominated the match and overpowered Trent in every move, it was the last move which counted, as Trent was able to counter and get a three count on Drew, winning the match.

The Big Show made his way to the ring to exact his retribution on Wade Barrett for the attack last week. Wade admitted in an earlier interview that he attacked Big Show because he was seeking to go after “the biggest and the best.” Big Show immediately began the match by taking control of the match, but Barrett soon had the World’s Largest Athlete off his feet. Of course, Big Show did not stay down for long, and the 7 feet tall, almost 500 pound giant was soon fighting back. Ezekiel Jackson suddenly appeared to attack the Giant, along with Slater and Gabriel of Nexus. All four men began to beat down the Big Show with the usual Nexus “pack of dogs” mentality, and the match soon belonged to Barrett. Slater and Gabriel refused to join the “New Nexus” lead by CM Punk on Friday Night Raw…are they forming a new clan with Barrett and Barrett on Smackdown?

LayCool, the team of Layla and Michelle McCool came down the ramp next for Michelle to battle with Beth Pheonix, “The Glamazon.” Michelle continued to go after the left knee of Beth, trying to use the injury to keep the more powerful woman down. Beth Pheonix eliminated the Great Kali last year at the Royal Rumble, becoming the first diva to ever eliminate a male superstar. Pheonix managed to take the win last night against McCool.

Kofi Kingston, who won the Intercontinental Championship from Dolph Zigler last week, was next to show up in the ring. He shared with the audience how good it felt to have them in his corner last week as Dolph had Vickie in his. Jack Swagger, the “All American American” interrupted Kofi to give him some “advice.” Kofi told Swagger that he wanted the “American” to shut up, and a match began between the two men. After a pretty evenly matched event, Kofi Kingston was the winner.

Edge, “The Rated ‘R’ Superstar” was up next for his talk show segment, “The Cutting Edge” his ex wife, Vickie Guerrero and her boyfriend, Dolph Zigler would be his guests. The interview began with banter between Edge and Vickie, spreading their past. Dolph, as usual jumped in to defend her. Edge brought out a clip of Dolph kissing Kaitlin just two months ago..while he was with Vickie, and a fight soon broke out between the two men. Vickie just kept screaming about the clip she had brought out earlier, of Edge kissing another woman on their wedding day. Eventually Dolph and Vickie beat Edge down and then kissed over his unconscious body.

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