WWE Royal Rumble: Shocking Upset

January 31st, 2011 - 2:46 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Jan 31 (THAINDIAN NEWS) As the night began at the WWE Royal Rumble pay per view event, Dolph Zigler met his girlfriend- Vickie Guerrero’s ex husband, Edge in the ring to battle for the World Heavyweight Championship. This match had been a long time coming with all of the bitterness between these two rivals. Vickie, the acting General Manager after the injury to Teddy long, had made the rule on Friday Night Smackdown that Edge would not be allowed to use his signature move, The Spear, at last night’s events, or he would be automatically disqualified.

Dolph dominated the beginning of the match, barely giving Edge time to breathe. Vickie screamed on from the sidelines with her very annoying shrill voice. But Edge began to battle back about fifteen minutes into the match-up, and managed to pull off a cross body block which laid both men on the mat. As they tried to regain their composure, the referee began to count.

Both men found themselves on the mat several times during the battle. Just as Edge was about to win the match, Vickie pulled the referee off of Dolph. As Vickie began to scream at Edge, Kelley Kelley came out and slapped Vickie off her feet, and then proceeded to beat her down. As the ref and Vickie were both unconscious, Edge Speared Dolph. The ref woke up, Edge got his three count, and won the match!

Randy Orton soon came out to the ring, to wait for his opponent, The Miz for their much anticipated WWE Championship match. Orton took over from the beginning, and the Miz seemed no match for the Viper, Randy Orton. Despite this fact, Miz was able to hold his own enough to make it a very long match. Although Orton could get him down, Miz was able to kick out of the three count every time.

Just as the Viper was preparing to strike and wipe out the Miz for good, the New Nexus came out to the ring. Orton threw Alex Riley at the Nexus members, knocking them all down. As he turned and knocked out the Miz, CM Punk, the Nexus leader knocked Orton out, pulled the unconscious Miz on top of Orton, and then alerted the barely conscious ref to count to three. Miz “won” the match.

LayCool, the team of Layla and Michelle McCool sashayed their way to the ring to battle the first WWE Women’s Champion, Natalya. The anonymous Raw General Manager interrupted the match, and said that although Teddy Long had unfairly made the match a handicapped match between the two women against one. Instead, he made it a fatal four way Diva’s Championship match, which would include Eve Torrez.

This turn of events made for an interesting issue for the team of LayCool, with both women desiring the Diva’s Championship. Would this match be the beginning of the end of LayCool? After several moves which included a few hard looks between Michelle and Layla, Eve won the match.

And then the Royal Rumble began! Four members of the Core, Gabriel, Jackson, Barrett, and Slater were all in the match, and the members of the New Nexus jumped in as well. An all out brawl began before the match ever got underway. The General Manager soon interrupted, and ordered the officials to restore order and the brawl to end. “The only superstar who has the right to be in the ring right now is CM Punk,” he went on to say, adding that anyone else in the ring should immediately return to the locker rooms or be disqualified.

Justin Gabriel soon became the first member eliminated, just before Zack Rider came in, and went right back out. As Ted DiBiase came in bringing the total of men in the ring to four. In a Royal Rumble match, you are eliminated by being thrown over the top rope. John Morrison came out to become number five in the ring and number seven in all. There were to be forty men in this Royal Rumble, making it the biggest one in history.

William Regal was thrown out, and another contender, Katsu joined the battle. Chavo Guerrero soon joined the battle, and the numbers inside the ring became impossible to keep up with. Entry number twelve, JTG ran to the slugfest. Chris Masters was the next entry into the Royal Rumble as the other contenders in the ring continued to battle. Chris Masters placed CM Punk in the Master Lock, and almost had him out of the ring when McGillicutti saved Punk.

The new Nexus seemed to be bulldozing their way through the Royal Rumble, fighting together to throw everyone else out. Koslov soon came to the ring and was tossed out as well, leaving only members of the New Nexus in the ring. R Truth came rushing out to meet the same wall of force which all other contenders came up against…the New Nexus. CM Punk had his team ganging up on each and every member who came in ever since the last Nexus member came in. R Truth was soon thrown out as well. Although the Royal Rumble is supposed to be “every man for himself” the Nexus was obviously all for one and one for all.

The Great Khali became number 19 to enter the ring, making his big comeback. Husky Harris of the Nexus was soon tossed out by Khali. CM Punk begged Khali not to throw him out, as the rest of Nexus was laid out. But just then, the buzzer sounded, signaling time for another contender, the newest Nexus member to come in, eliminating Khali. Once again the new Nexus had command of the ring.

Booker T, five time world champion, was the next one called to the ring. In a comeback which brought the crowd to it’s feet, Booker simply walked to the ring. Although he is not used to dealing with the Nexus, he came out and flattened all of the members. After a “Spinnerooni”, Booker too was tossed out.

John Cena was the next member to be called out. Within minutes, Cena had everyone thrown out of the ring except CM Punk! As the two men began to fight it out, Hornswaggle came to the ring. Perhaps the smallest member ever in the Royal Rumble, he could barely reach the top rope, which would make it very difficult to throw anyone over it. John Cena soon tossed CM Punk over the ropes!!!!!

Cena did not throw Hornswaggle out, but instead allowed him to stay. Tyson Kidd joined them in the ring, tossing the little guy around a bit before John Cena interfered. Hornswaggle managed to pull an “Attitude Adjustment” on Kidd, and he and Cena threw Kidd out. Heath Slater came out next. Hornswaggle mirrored John Cena for a “You Can’t See Me” and “Five Knuckle Shuffle”. Kofi Kingston came out after Slater was thrown over.

Although Cena and Kofi are friends, the two began to tie up in what was sure to be a great match up. Jack Swagger came out as the two men battled, and little Hornswaggle just stayed back and watched. Sheamus soon ran out, and went straight for Cena. As Cena lay on the mat along with Kofi and Swagger, Sheamus went after Hornswaggle, eliminating the little guy. Number twenty nine, Rey Mysterio made his way to the ring, and soon eliminated Swagger.

Wade Barrett made his way to the ring, to meet Kofi, Rey, Cena, and Swagger. He soon went to work on every man in the ring. At this time, Cena had been in the ring for fifteen minutes, longer than anyone else. Dolph Zigler came out next. As Cena, Rey, and Kofi tried to throw Barrett out, Zigler attacked Cena, to no avail. Big Daddy Diesel came out next, and at 6′9” he made a very formidable opponent. Diesel, Kevin Nash, recently left TNA wrestling, and this is his first time back on the WWE. Alex Riley and Drew McIntyre joined the battle, and Nash was thrown out before the Big Show joined the match.

Number thirty six to join was Ezekiel Jackson. A dozen nations were represented in the ring at that time, but soon Jackson eliminated the Big Show, and Drew was gone as well. Jackson’s focus went to Cena, who has been in the ring longer than anyone. Santino ran to the ring, and surpassed his record of one second, which is how long he lasted in last year’s Royal Rumble. And entry number thirty eight, Alberto Del Rio, the man who believes he is “destined” to win, was next to enter.

Orton came out and eliminated Kofi, and Sheamus, before he and Cena eyed each other. Just as they were about to go at it, their attention was caught by the explosions of Kane entering the ring. Kane went right for Orton, just as Jackson attacked Kane. Kane tossed Jackson out like a sack of potatoes. Rey Mysterio threw Kane out just as Barrett kicked Rey out. Wade turned once again on Cena.

Alex Riley ran out illegally, and then Miz ran through and eliminated Cena, also illegally. There is no disqualification, so although Miz was not in the Rumble, Cena was legally out. It was Miz’s way of making sure he would not have to face Cena for the Championship. The winner of the Royal Rumble is on to Wrestle Mania. And that winner is….

Alberto Deo Rio….but then…

Santino came out from under the ring, where he had been resting ever since he was thrown under the bottom rope, making him legal for the win… but then…

Del Rio won again, making it the most unsatisfactory, outlandish Royal Rumble in history.

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