WWE Raw: WWE Superstars, Officials, Divas, and More Address Triple H

October 4th, 2011 - 1:53 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Oct 4 (THAINDIAN NEWS) History was made last night on ‘WWE Monday Night Raw, when the superstar roster from both ‘WW Monday Night Raw’ and ‘WWE Friday Night Smackdown’, along with referees, Divas, and even announcers, such as Jerry “The King Lawler” came filing out from backstage and gathered at the ring to address the ability of Triple H as the COO of the WWE. Several complaints had been filed, and a few superstars were even threatening to sue, because they claimed that they were being mistreated under Triple H’s reign.

Del Rio, Christian, Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Vickie Guerrero, and others had stood in the ring and made complaints earlier in the night. Triple H then came out and asked what had happened to the WWE, that they were turning into a bunch of whiners, when their job was to get in the ring and fight. He said that he expected them to do just that in the Twelve Man Tag Team Match.

Triple H came out and acknowledged that the superstars and everyone was there to give him a vote of confidence on his job as the COO. He admitted that the job was a lot harder than he anticipated, but added that he did not ask for it, he was asked to take it. Triple H spoke of Miz and Truth, and why he was forced to fire them, and then he stated that he wa a bit old fashioned, and liked watching a fight. He said that the WWE Universe liked it too. “And at the end of the day, isn’t that who we really work for?” He asked the crowd standing around the ring.

Wade Barrett took the mic and wanted to speak on what he called “legitimate grievences” and said that Triple H has created a dangerous work environment. As he went on the crowd began to chant, “You suck, you suck,” but Barrett just continued on with his rant. He called Triple H “incapable” of doing his job and said that he enjoyed chaos. Barrett said that Triple H was completely out of control. Triple H then reminded the crowd of Barrett’s former actions, leading Nexus to create chaos and trying to destroy the WWE.

An official referee then took the mic and addressed the fact that more and more officials were being attacked lately than ever before. Triple H said that he had fired the men who attacked the officials, namely Miz and Truth. This was not enough to satisfy the officials. Beth Phoenix then spoke for the Divas, saying that they were afraid something could happen to them as well. Triple H pointed out that nothing had even happened to the Divas. Jerry Lawler then took the mic, and agreed that the WWE was spiraling out of control. But he did not feel that it was Triple H’s fault. He feels that Punk was correct when he said that someone was trying to cause Triple H to lose his job.

All of the WWE Superstars and officials then voted “No Confidence.” Jerry Lawler then said that because actions speak louder than words, he was reluctantly walking out. The rest of the WWE roster followed, with the officials. The crowd - the WWE Universe, however, began to chant, “Triple H, Triple H, Triple H,” showing their support for the Chief Operating Officer of the WWE. Michael Cole then followed the rest of the ones who had left the ring. Booker T went as well, but the crowd just chanted louder. Cameramen began to leave…and soon no one was left but JR, who also decided to go despite the crowd’s support of Triple H.

John Laurinaitis then came out, as the crowd booed him. He looked at Triple H, shook his head as if disgusted, and then went backstage. It was John who had been working behind the back of Triple H, to sabotage him, and the crowd knew it. As Triple H faced the crowd one more time, the WWE Universe roared it’s approval of him.

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