WWE Raw: Want Some Cheese With That Whine?

September 27th, 2011 - 2:10 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Sep 27 (THAINDIAN NEWS) Last night’s episode of ‘Monday Night Raw Supershow’ was live from Kansas City, Missouri. Booker T was filling in for the injured Jerry “The King” Lawler. As the show began, Triple H made his way to the ring as the crowd roared. The COO has been under fire from critics after he fired The Miz and R Truth last week on Raw. Many are still wondering why Triple H did so. All ears were tuned in to see if he would explain.

As Triple H took the mic, he did just that. He said that the two men were not fired because of his ego or a conspiracy theory. Triple H showed video of Truth and Miz attacking WWE Superstars, the referee, and Triple H himself and bragging that nothing would be done to them. The video then showed the two men apologizing for what they had done, in a moment which Triple H apparently did not take as sincere. He said that they savagely attacked a WWE official, and then came back with a weak apology. They were fired for their own actions.

Triple H also said that Mark Henry would be paying a two hundred and fifty thousand dollar fine for attacking Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross, and added that no one man was bigger than the WWE. As he spoke, Vickie Guerrero interrupted with her shrill, “Excuse me!” and announced that Dolph Zigler, the United States Champion, had something to say. Zigler then asked Triple H what would be done about Hugh Jackman breaking his jaw last week. “It’s only a hairline fracture….” Zigler said, explaining why he can still compete, but asked Triple H, “What do you plan on doing about this?”

“As far as I am concerned,” Triple H retorted, “Hugh Jackman was a guest on the show, you came out and picked a fight with him, and he hit you in your glass jaw.” Rhodes then interrupted, wanting to know what would be done about Randy Orton hitting him in the head with the ring bell, which left him with nine staples. Rhodes wanted to know why Orton wasn’t punished. Triple H said that he wished they had stapled his mouth shut. Triple H told Cody to “man up, this is not the Boy Scouts.” It was then Christian’s turn to interrupt and whine about Sheamus interrupting his match.

Christian then invited the other grumblers and complainers to join him and file the biggest lawsuit in WWE history. He said he could be convinced not to do so if Triple H would give him one more match. Triple H gave him his “one more match,” against Sheamus at ‘Hell in a Cell’ and another “one more match,” on Friday against Randy Orton, and even another, tonight against John Cena. Triple H made another match for Dolph against Zack Ryder. Triple H gave Rhodes the night off because of his staples. But when Rhodes turned around and insulted Triple H, He made a Ten Man, Over the Top Rope Battle Royal for Cody’s Intercontinental Title.

Drew McIntyre was the first man eliminated, after Cody Rhodes slid under the rope and waited it out on the sides. Two Sin Caras showed up, and were both soon eliminated, but continued to fight on the outside. Ted DiBiase drug Rhodes back into the battle, and Alex Riley was soon knocked out as well. Soon Jackson, Sheamus, Dibiase, and Rhodes were left. Quickly it dwindled down until only Sheamus and Rhodes were left. Using his mask as a weapon, Cody Rhodes managed to knock Sheamus over the top rope, and Rhodes gets to keep his title.

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