WWE Raw: Triple H Reinstates JR, and Jim Morrison!’

July 26th, 2011 - 12:57 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

July 26 (THAINDIAN NEWS) The Chief Operating Officer of the WWE, Triple H, The Game addressed the WWE nation last night on ‘WWE Monday Night Raw’. He gave his “State of the WWE Address,” acknowledging that the WWE is a global phenomenon and millions watch all around the world every week. He said it was due to one man’s vision, one man’s pure genius. From the bottom of his heart, he said, “Thank you, Vince.”

But he was not there to talk about the past, but the future. He spoke of crowning Rey as the new WWE Champion and congratulated the Champ. He said since he is in charge, he was going to do things differently and have a second WWE Championship match on Raw last night. He said that both men agreed to the match, and that Rey would defend his title against the man who had it stolen from him, John Cena.

Triple H also welcomed Jim “JR” Ross back to RAW! Although Michael Cole looked heart broken, Jerry “The King” Lawler was beside himself with joy. Cole refused to shake the hand of Jim Ross and took off his headset. He stood on the table with his mic, and told Triple H that this was not the future of the WWE, calling JR “the walking dead.” He said he would do anything the company wanted him to do, but he refused to sit down and work with “this hayseed, Oklahoma redneck.”

Cole went on with a few insults to JR, and said that JR kissed the rear of Triple H. Triple H calmly let Cole rant. Then he let Cole know that he knew Cole wouldn’t like it, and that the only reason he didn’t fire Cole is that his contract made it more expensive to fire him than to keep him. He gave Cole the rest of the night off, and gave him until Friday to decide if he wanted to quit. Cole said he was not going to quit, and he would sit down and finish his job. Triple H informed him that he was not to sit back down, he was given the night off from commentary. He was placing Cole in a match instead. It was against Zack Ryder and won by Zack in the first minute.

R Truth came out to interrupt Triple H and said that the man who had been in on the conspiracy since day one was now “The Man” in the WWE. But he went on to say that he liked the new regime that he saw. “But what I really wanna know is….what are you gonna do exactly for me?” He argued that the conspiracy cost him the briefcase at ‘Money in the Bank’ “What are you gonna do to rectify the conspiracy against the Truth?” Triple H began to talk to imaginary people around him, making fun of Truth. “You might be the Game, but I’m not playing.” Truth said. Triple H then told Truth that he had re-signed another man as well….who wanted a piece of Truth. And John Morrison made his way out, pummeling R Truth for the injuries which Truth had given him.

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