WWE Raw: The Rock Returns!

February 15th, 2011 - 12:56 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Feb 15 (THAINDIAN NEWS) Jerry “The King” Lawler was not in his usual announcer’s seat last night on Raw, due to the death of his mother, who had been battling an illness for some time. Thoughts and prayers go out Jerry Lawler and his entire family during their loss.

John Cena was the first WWE Superstar who made his way to the ring last night on WWE Monday Night Raw, much to the delight of the WWE Universe, the fans. Last week, CM Punk and the New Nexus were taking down all of their opponents one by one illegally, obviously attempting to take out the competition before the Elimination Chamber. They were successful with almost everyone….everyone, that is, except John Cena.

CM Punk interrupted as John Cena spoke of Wrestlemania and who he thought may be the guest referee and whom he thought was going to Wrestlemania. As Punk continued to walk toward the ring, and degrade Cena, Cena took his shirt off, signaling that he was ready for his match against Punk to begin. The rest of Nexus has been banned from ringside during this match, which means if Punk wants to beat Cena, he will have to do it alone. If any member of Nexus interrupts the match at all, Punk will not be allowed to participate in the Elimination Chamber Match.

Both men managed to pin the other for a two count several times. CM Punk finally resorted to his cheating ways as he reached under the ring and pulled out a steel chair. As he slid it into the ring and got the ref’s attention, another Nexus member handed Punk a wrench from under the ring. Punk hit Cena in the head with the wrench while the ref was still getting the chair out of the ring. As soon as the ref looked, Punk pinned the knocked out Cena, and won the match.

Alberto Del Rio made his way ot he ring next, with the usual fanfare and his own announcer. As soon as he began to speak of his “destiny” to win Wrestlemania, Edge stepped out with his World Heavyweight Championship belt over his shoulder. He told Del Rio that he had been so busy beating up Dolph Zigler on Smackdown that he almost forgot that Del Rio had hot him with a guitar two weeks ago. Edge then began to to beat Del Rio down.

Suddenly out came Vickie Guererro, the shill-voiced acting General Manager of Smackdown. She received the same booing reception as she usually receives on Smackdown. She introduced her boyfriend, Dolph, as the new World Heavyweight Champion. She informed Edge that he was going to have his title taken away from him this Friday, and he was about to lose his job as well. She also added that she has proof that it was Edge who assaulted Teddy Long. Then she burst into her maniacal laughter..

Natalya and Eve Torrez began their match with both girls getting the other down pretty quickly. They took turns covering each other for two counts, as the announcers argued over which woman was the best. Both announcers seemed to be tired of Natalya, and favored Eve. The Bella’s watched on from the side with the other WWE Divas as “Lumber Jills’” Which means they are supposed to toss any contestant which is thrown out of the ring immediately back in. Eve Torrez was able to win the match and keep her title, and as the match ended, Natalya shook hands with her in a good show of sportsmanship.

A match between The Miz and Daniel Bryan seemed to go on forever with both men dominating at different times. The Miz finally won the match, and took the mic to express how disappointed he was that Jerry did not get to see his win. He took a moment to give his sincere condolences to Jerry, but then showed his true colors by saying that he hopes Jerry does not use this as an excuse for why he will lose in the Elimination Chamber. A tag team match between Otunga and McGillicutti against John Morrison and R True came next, which was quickly won by Morrison.

The Great Kali was introduced by Ariel from the movie “The Chaperone” which also stars Triple H. Kali welcomed everyone to a Valentine edition of Kali’s Kiss Cam. The camera then spanned the audience for couple who then had to kiss on cam. Hornswaggle brought out a huge box of chocolates for Ariel, who then kissed him on the cheek.

Randy Orton and Sheamus went at it next, as Randy seemed to be hearing those voices in his head, and soon picked up the win. CM Punk and the New Nexus came out to assault Orton six days from the Elimination Match. Soon many of the Raw roster, including Morrison and Cena came rushing out to help Orton take out the Nexus. Soon only Orton and Cena stood in the ring…and it seemed clear, the Nexus would not rule Raw as it had done on Smackdown.

The mystery guest host of Wrestlemania was finally announced, and the lights went dark, and the fans screamed, The Rock’s music Began to play and the house went wild! The Rock himself walked out, and the crowd’s roar became deafening…..

Rock took the mic and said, “After seven long years, finally The Rock has come back to Anaheim! Which means finally The Rock has come back to Monday Night Raw! Which means The Rock has come back HOME! The crowd began to chant “Rocky Rocky Rocky!” He then shared why he was back. “It’s not for money or to promote a movie, it is for you.”

He shared how his fans had helped him accomplish his dreams. He thanked all of his fans, and said he loved them. “And it is because of you, that I am back in this ring, and it is because of you that I am never ever going away.” The crowd chanted and went insane. He came back attacking many of the wrestlers, such as The Miz…Rock said, “If you have to go around telling everyone how awesome you are, then it it inherently obvious that you suck!”

As the anonymous Raw General Manager emailed in on the computer, Rock told Michael Cole to shut up, because no one gave a da– what he had to say. But Rock soon Rock said he wanted to meet John Cena, who, for some reason, often seems to have something bad to say about the Rock. He made fun of John Cena’s “You Can’t See Me.” It was quite clear that The Rock and John Cena are not going to get along. He went on to say that he is going to be at Wrestlemania, and will see Cena, Miz, and everyone else. So The Rock is back…in all his charisma!

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