WWE Raw: Slammy Award Night; Cena Returns to RAW!

December 14th, 2010 - 11:38 am ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

December 14 (THAINDIAN NEWS) David Arquette was a guest on WWE Monday Night Raw, but did not seem so welcomed by the audience as he presented an award, for that matter, neither did Wade Barrett as he came out to accept the Slammy Award for the Nexus. He began to tell the audience that the members of Nexus had informed him that if he does not re-hire John Cena, then he will be kicked out the the group which he created. He said that he had not made up his mind what he would do as of yet. just as he went to leave the stage, an email from the General Manager came in, in which the GM informed Barrett that he was about to be given the opportunity to give one more shocking performance in a match against the Big Show. This Slammy Award is given for shocking moments of the WWE.

Kelly Kelly came forward with Tyson Kidd to present the “Despicable Me” Award. Tyson Kidd introduced his huge bodyguard, Jackson Andrews. Jackson Andrews debuted in February in Florida Championship wrestling (FCW), and stands 7’2’’ legitimate height, and weighs 370 pounds. The award went to CM Punk, who wanted to let “someone in the back” know that he does not forget and he does hold a grudge and he will get even.

Kofee Kingston came out, followed by Daniel Bryan with the Bella twins. Dolph Zigler came out accompanied by Vickie, and was soon followed by ted DiBiase and Maryese to compete in a tag team match. While watching the battle, the announcers mentioned that some of the Slammy Awards were given out earlier in the day. a full list of winners is available on wwe.com. The match was won by Daniel Bryan and Kofee Kingston.

PeeWee Herman won the Slammy Award for guest starring on WWE and the Shining Moment of the Year. Cody Rhodes then made an incredible win against Mark Henry. Vickie and Jerry then gave the Slammy Award for the “Holy @!%$ Award”. The award went to John Cena, and Wade came out to claim it, and stated that the entire world was hanging on his every word, because he was about to decide whether or not to re-hire Cena. He would not make his decision unless John Cena came out to the ring and faced him man to man.

The audience soon went crazy as Cena came out from among them. He made his way to the ring, which only caused the crowd’s roar to increase greatly. Wade told Cena that his decision would effect a lot of people, Cena, Wade, and the Nexus. Just then, the entire Nexus roster came out and surrounded the ring. Cena took off his shirt, and he and Wade had a stare down.

The crowd screamed “Cena Cena Cena” just as Wade announced “Cena you are officially rehired”. the crowd became deafening. Wade gave two conditions. Cena must go one on one with Otunga, and Cena must face wade Barrett at TLC on December 19. Cena was pretty much beat back into Raw as the nexus members jumped him like a pack of wild dogs. Cena is back!

As a nine year old girl from the audience was named for the next Slammy Award for audience reaction, form the face she made when Cena left Raw, and Miz took the Championship from Orton. Miz came out to take the award away from the little girl. The GM broke in to announce that Miz would be wrestling against Rey Mysterio immediately. Alberto Del Rio came out and distracted Rey long enough for Miz to take advantage, but Rey kicked out. Del Rio’s presence eventually kept Rey distracted enough for the Miz to win it.

Edge was presented the ‘Meltdown of the Year’ by breaking up the General Manager’s computer. Sheamus and John Morrison came out next to hear from the General manager that they were to compete on Sunday in a Number One Contender’s Ladder Match. The two men began fighting on the spot, and Sheamus placed a ladder at an angle off the ring, and threw John Morrison out of the ring, landing on the ladder on his back, obviously in great pain.

The Knucklehead Moment of the Year Slammy Award went to LayCool for their attack on Mae Young, which she won. They seemed to be just dingy enough to be flattered by the win. They made their way to the ring to wait for the arrival of the other WWE Divas for the Diva Battle Royal to determine the winner of the Slammy Diva of the year. Michelle McCool won as Layla distracted Beth Phoenix. The GM interrupted to tell the team McCool that they would battle Natalya and Beth Phoenix in the first ever Diva’s Tag Team match.

The final Slammy Award of the night was presented by the Smackdown General Manager. Edge, Miz, Kane, John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, were all finalists in the Superstar of the Year Slammy Award, and when the winner’s name was called, the audience exploded in New Orleans. John Cena, who was just reinstated into the WWE, won this award by a vote of the WWE fans.

Cena reminded everyone that he had gotten to every single member of the Nexus as he promised, except two, David Otunga, and Wade Barrett. He was about to battle with Otunga, but Sunday night at Tables Ladders and Chairs, he gave his word, Wade Barrett would be destroyed. he then entered the ring for his battle with Otunga. As Otunga walked into the ring, Nexus turned their backs and walked out on their team member at the leadership of Barrett, just as they had walked out on Barrett at the leadership of Otunga last week.

Otunga faced cena alone. Within seconds Otunga was tapping, and cena had won. But he was not finished. Keeping his word to hurt every member of Nexus, Cena took a steel chair and went to work on Otunga as Barrett watched. John continued to hit Otunga until the Nexus member managed to crawl out of the ring. That leaves Wade Barrett.

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