WWE Raw Roulette: Del Rio vs Big Show in Steel Cage

June 28th, 2011 - 10:41 am ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

June 28 (THAINDIAN NEWS) ‘WWE Monday Night Raw’ was brought to us last night from Las Vegas, Nevada. Because of the location, the “Raw Roulette” wheel was brought back, which meant every match’s stipulations would be determined by a spin of the roulette wheel. As Del Rio came forward to find out what the wheel would determine that his match would be against the Big Show, he was very unhappy to find that he would battle the huge man inside of a steel cage.

After the steel cage was lowered, the two men began the match which must be won by pinfall, submission, or escape from the cage. Del Rio came in driving a two hundred and fifty thousand dollar yellow sports car. His ring announcer was still not with him, after being attacked by the Big Show last week. This action by the huge superstar was in return to the “accident” the previous week, in which Del Rio ran over Big Show in yet another expensive sports car.

Del Rio made it to the ring first, and did not look at all happy as the seven foot tall Big Show walked out wearing an evil grin, looking pumped and fired up. Big Show immediately went right to work on Del Rio, and Del Rio was on his knees rather quickly. Show soon shoved Del Rio’s face into the steel cage. Del Rio soon went right for Show’s injured knee, however, slowing the giant down some. Del Rio continued his attack on the knee as the World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry made his way to the cage, circling it.

There is beef between the two huge men and it is apparent that Mark would love to get his hands on Show. Soon both Show and Del Rio were laying on the floor of the cage, and Mark Henry walked up to the cage door, ripping it off of it’s hinges. He then made his way into the cage and attacked the Big Show as Del Rio escaped out of the door, winning the match. Henry did not stop there, however, and slammed the door of the cage into Big Show so hard that it broke down one of the cage walls, and left Show unconscious.

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