WWE Raw: Rock Responds to Cena, Triple H Returns

March 1st, 2011 - 4:03 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Mar 1 (THAINDIAN NEWS) As WWE Monday Night Raw opened, Triple H stepped into the ring to the cheers of an audience ready for wrestling the way it used to be. During the month of February, many old stars made appearances or forged their comebacks- stars such as The Undertaker, The Rock, Kevin Nash, Booker T, and many more.

Triple H spoke of DeGeneration X and Revolution, of Shawn Michaels and Rick Flair, of the sixteen years which he has been in wrestling. “I’ve been hated, and I’ve been loved,” he expressed. “In sixteen years, I’ve outlasted them all…except one.” He was speaking of the Undertaker, whom he will face at Wrestlemania. Of course, he promises to win that match. “There can be only one,” he said, quoting the phrase made popular by the ‘Highlander’ movie and television series.

Sheamus made his way to the ring, pointing his finger and arguing with the word of Triple H. It was Sheamus who took Triple H out, and left him on the injured list for months. As soon as Sheamus stepped into the ring, Triple H kicked him down, and began to strow him all over the arena.

Soon the anonymous general manager beeped in via laptop, and Jerry had to read it. It was an order for Sheamus to wrestle against yet another star making his way back to the WWE, Evan Borne, who has been out for four months after having surgery on his rotator cuff. Despite the fact that Sheamus was barely able to walk on his own, after the battle with Triple H, the general manager said that he must compete, and he did. And he lost.

Michale Cole was then announced as ‘The Voice of the WWE,’ and he stepped out the the ring to make his announcement. “May I have your attention, please,” he asked, in a manner which has become almost as irritating as Vickie Guererro’s, “Excuse me!” Cole called Jerry up to the ring and reminded him that if they strike one another they are fired. Michale Cole asked Jerry, “Did you think I was intimidated last week? Did you think I was gonna cower down from your little Wrestlemania challenge?”

Cole told Jerry that he never backs down from a challenge. But he will only face Jerry if he can have a trainer in his corner, and he gets to choose a special guest referee for the match. “I don’t care if you to the dark Knight, King Kong, Saba Simba, and Superman with you, the answer is yes.” Cole then proceeded to introduce his trainer…Jack Swagger(?)! Michael laid his hands on Jerry twice antagonizing him while Jack Swagger attacked Jerry.

Forty two minutes into the show, and there was yet to be a real match. Randy Orton came out to tell CM Punk that he will be sipping his meals through a straw, “And the only thing that you will have left is the faith that failed you.” CM Punk came out, with the rest of the New Nexus backing him up. Punk called Randy an “arrogant but predictable hypocrite” and added “While you attempt to put me in a rehab facility, I’m gonna put you in the ground.”

The general manager interrupted to make a match for the two men in a match at Wrestlemania. Also, during the next few weeks, Orton will have one on one matches with each of the Nexus members..if Orton wins, that Nexus member is banned from Wresltemania, if the Nexus member wins, they can legally be in Punk’s corner. If any Nexus member interferes with the single matches, then the Nexus will be forced to dis-ban. The first match, Orton vs McGillicutti, began immediately, which was won by Orton. One Nexus member down, but Orton did not stop there. He went on to punt McGillicutti in the head.

The Miz came out to talk about himself for a while. He takes credit for the win of the WWE Tag Team Championship, and claims that Cena lost them. He feels that Cena should not be worried about Rock, “He should be worried about me, the WWE Champion.” Then he claimed, “I will beat John Cena at Wrestlemania, and on that very same night, I will beat The Rock.”

Of course, John Cena’s music began just then. Cena claimed to have very very very very important news. He told Miz that he can’t listen to another word that he says. He said the people did not deserve to have to listen to it either. He said the Miz was not well, and had in his hand a doctor’s note that said the Miz has obsessive compulsive disorder, and is obsessed with being “awesome.” Alex Riley spoke up and laughed at the fact that toilets are called johns…a joke which fell flat.

Cena told Miz that Alex was one of the reasons that no one takes him seriously as a WWE Champion. He wondered why the Miz would want to share his legacy with another man, and challenged Miz to fire Alex so it can truly be Miz against John Cena. Miz said he was “comfortable with who he is” and sharing his spotlight with Alex.

John Cena implied that Alex Riley and Miz were going to share more than the Championship, and would soon move in together. Cena asked for a match with Alex Riley, and if Alex loses, he would be fired. Miz accepted, on one condition. “I give you my word that I will not interfere, but if Alex Riley wins, you have to admit that I am the greatest superstar of all time, because I’m the Miz, and I’m awesome.”

“Are you kidding me?” John cena wanted to know. He said that with all he has been through all Miz wants is for Cena to say he is awesome? “You got a deal!” Cena shouted. The general manager stepped in and said that to be sure there would be no interference, Alex Riley vs John Cena would be in a steel cage, and the only way to win would be to escape the cage.

The Rock answered John Cena’s rap rant from last week via satellite from his home. He had on a Cena baseball cap, and tried to rap a “You Can’t See Me” to make fun of Cena. He went on to say that he had FINALLY come back to Buffalo (although technically, he was not in Buffalo, per se, but was at home…) Rock expressed how much he could make women want “a piece of The Rock” and explained that he had told John Cena exactly how he felt about him. “And what do you do in response? You rap to me? You address me in the form of rap. Well, of course you did, cause that’s how the guy in the purple shirt with the dog tags and blue jean shorts responds. I thought it was real funny,” Rock said.

“Let me remind you and the world how this all started, it started with you, John Cena, calling me a liar when I say I love the WWE. You Insulted me and my family. Let me tell you something, my love for the WWE is endless. I grew up in the WWE, I was born into the WWE, my blood is the WWE!” He mentioned his grandfather, and his father, both Hall of Famers whom he inducted. Rock explained that when he left the WWE it was because he had accomplished his goals in the WWE and wanted to experience more outside. Rock said he held the door open for the WWE to go to Hollywood, held the door open for John Cena himself. “Now there are consequences. You are going to pay for opening your mouth.”

The match between Alex Riley and John Cena was finally under way as the Miz sat at the announcer’s booth expressing his faith in Riley to win the steel cage match. Riley was down on the ring floor, knocked out by Cena. John took Miz’s cell phone and snapped a photo of Riley before heading to the cage door to leave. Although Miz tried to hold him in, Cena rolled out, and won, but it was a painful win as he hit the concrete floor very hard.

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