WWE Raw: Pee Wee Herman and Lita?

November 2nd, 2010 - 1:44 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Nov 2 (THAINDIAN NEWS) As WWE Monday Night Raw opened last night, John Cena and Randy Orton discussed the terms of Survivor Series. If Wade Barrett wins, Cena is free of Nexus, but if Orton wins, Cena is fired. As Wade Barret stepped out, Cena informed him as soon as this is all over, Cena is going to beat him down. Orton promised to do so during Survivor Series.

Nexus members Gabriel and Slater won against the Hart Dynasty in a tag team match which immediately followed. The Celtic Warrior Sheamus came out next to battle with Vladimir. Santino got himself into trouble by attacking Sheamus from the sidelines, and soon John Morrison came out and tackled Sheamus.

Pee Wee Herman guest starred as a good friend of Mark Henry’s. Mark, the world’s largest athlete was looking for a tag team partner, but gave a hug to Pee Wee in the meantime which took the actor’s breath. And soon Lita made an appearance! She was to play ‘Twister’ with the other Divas. Pee Wee made his way to the ring, and told the audience that anytime someone said the secret word, to scream really loud. The secret word was ‘ring’.

Miz came out and made it very clear that he did not like Pee Wee. He said “Turn around, Pee Wee and get out of my ring.” At the word “ring” everyone screamed and Miz got furious. With Pee Wee’s childish antics he actually seemed to get the best of Miz. He told Miz, “ Let me give you a piece of advice, do not anger the Pee!” He warned Miz that his cousin was there, and would be out soon to wipe the smirk off Miz’s face.

The Big Show stepped out in a suit exactly like Pee Wee’s. Show choked slammed both Miz and his “bodyguard” out of the ring. Just then, the General Manager emailed in.
Miz, you’re not getting out of this so easy. You said you’d beat anyone in Pee Wee Herman’s family, and now you must face Pee Wee’s cousin, The Big Pee Wee.”(Big Show)

Big Show and Miz, former tag team champions went at it in the ring, with Show dominating most of the match, of course. Miz finally got the Big Show in a choke hold, but Show quickly gets loose. The Big Show won the match as Miz was disqualified for using his “Money in the Bank” briefcase as a weapon.

Ted Dibiase made his way to the ring, accompanied by Maryese, t wrestle against Daniel Bryan.

Dibiase seems in control, as Bryan is knocked down a few times. He soon recovers and kicks Ted over and over in the chest. Bryan won the match by submission.

Michelle McCool and Natalya went at it next, with Michelle knocking down Natalya quite a few times. Layla tried interrupting and was knocked down as well, and soon Natalya pinned Michelle, and wont he match, winning her another opportunity at the Women’s Championship.

McMahon wakes in the hospital in a coma, and the doctor tried to explain to him how Daniel Bryan in the US Champion, Cena is in Nexus, and all of the other strange happenings in the WWE.

The main event came at last. John Cena was the guest referee, as Barret and Orton face each other, with R True on Orton’s side, and Otunga on Barrett’s. Orton was very powerful throughout the match, and Barrett was knocked out of the ring. Orton was knocked onto the steel steps by Otunga, but soon recovered. Orton wins the match, and Barrett is furious! Of Cena counts Barrett out at Survivor Series, he will be fired.

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