WWE Raw: New Nexus Member?

January 18th, 2011 - 3:00 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Jan 18 (THAINDIAN NEWS) John Cena opened the show last night on WWE Monday Night Raw, coming back after the attack by CM Punk and the new Nexus three weeks ago on raw. He let the entire WWE Universe know that he was back for retribution. “This is my first time back in the WWE ring in 2011, and I am ready!” He went on to list his New Year’s resolutions, which included destroying CM Punk, and winning at the Royal Rumble to go on and become the WWE Champion at Wrestlemania. As he invited Punk out so that he could complete his first resolution, The Miz stepped out instead.

Miz told Cena that he would not win the Royal Rumble match. Miz, of course, feels that he would make a much better champion than Cena or anyone else in the WWE. He warned Cena and “whomever” may win the Royal Rumble not to come after him, and stated that whoever did come after him would lose. Cena informed him that if it were not for Michael Cole, then Jerry Lawler would be the WWE Champion, and if not for Alex Riley, then Randy Orton would be the WWE Champion. He told the Miz that he had never actually won the belt by a real match.

Miz stated that there was no doubt that he could fight with the best brawlers in WWE history…and could out wrestle the greatest technicians in WWE History, and that everyone in the WWE knew it. John Cena told the Miz that Miz will not make it past Royal Rumble to Wrestlemania, and dared Miz to do anything about it, but just then, CM Punk showed up on the ramp to interrupt to hooplah going on in the ring. He stated that there were forty wrestlers that would be competing in the Royal Rumble, including himself and the members of Nexus, giving Cena no chance to win.

Just then three Nexus members, Harris, McGillicutti and Otunga made their way to the ring to take out Cena, but suddenly Santino and Koslov joined Cean, evening the odds, and the Nexus backed away. Punk joined the Nexus and began to head back to the ring, just as the General Manager interupted to make a match between CM Punk and John Cena with all Nexus members barre from ringside. Any Nexus member who is caught at ringside or interrupting the match at any time, they will be banned from the Royal Rumble.

Koslov and Santino made their way to the ring for the next match against the Uso brothers, who are the sons of former WWE wrestler Rakishi. Santino quickly ended the match, retaining the tag team title with his Cobra move. John Morrison then walked to the ring to meet his opponent, Daniel Bryan. After a short battle between the two men, John Morrison won the match with a knee to the jaw.

Vickie Guerrero was called out to the ring to tell the WWE Universe all about how her boyfriend Dolph Zigler was going to beat Edge, her ex husband, at Royal Rumble. Her screeches could barely be heard over the “boos” from the audience as Dolph made his way to the ring. Randy Orton soon followed, as the crowd cheered him on. Randy Orton began to dominate the match early on, and it was evident that Vickie Guerrero did not like it. Although Dolph did put up a great fight, the battle was won by Orton. As soon as the bell rang to signal Orton’s victory, Alex Riley and The Miz ran out to attack Orton in the ring…sending a message to Orton, whom he would face at the Royal Rumble. As Jerry Lawler stepped into the altercation, he was thrown into the audience, and the attack on Orton continued, and he was left in a crumpled pile on the floor.

Maryese made her way to the ring, and as Natalya came out to join her, Michael Cole revealed that he had been joined at ringside by Eve and Melina, since Jerry The King Lawler had been taken out. Maryese began the match off in charge, as Eve spoke of her respect for Natalya. Natalya soon locked in the Sharpshooter, and Maryese was forced to tap out, making Natalya the winner.

Daniel Bryan then stepped out to issue an “Over the Top Rope” challenge to any WWE star “right now.” Much to his dismay, the world’s strongest man, Mark Henry made his way to the ring to meet that challenge. It took less than ten seconds for Henry to throw Bryan out, but many WWE Superstars made their way out to the ring to prove themselves eligible to win the WWE Royal Rumble match. The ring was soon full of stars in the unofficial match. It was every man for himself, much as it will be at the real Royal Rumble. Mark Henry won it this time, but will he be able to pull it off in the Royal Rumble.

Just then Alberto Del Rio made his way to the ring in his two hundred thousand dollar car, causing Cole to ask just how many cars he has. Del Rio stated that it is his destiny to win the Royal Rumble. Mark Henry wanted Del Rio to join him in the ring last night, but Del Rio preferred to wait for the real deal.

The battle between John Cena and CM Punk was a vicious one, which was not interrupted by the Nexus. There was, however, an interruption from an unknown man, whom CM Punk allowed to knock him out. The man then proceeded to beat down Cena, until the bell rang. The Nexus came out to defend Punk from the man, who then knelt to Punk, who gave him a Nexus armband.

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