WWE Raw: McMahon is Back

February 8th, 2011 - 1:35 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Feb 8 (THAINDIAN NEWS) Vince McMahon stepped out with his swagger Monday night, and addressed the audience about Wrestle Mania like he had never been gone. After he announced that the guest host of Wrestle Mania will be revealed next week, he sunk into the background as Randy Orton came out to inform everyone that he is going to win Wrestle Mania. CM Punk and the Nexus came out to attack Orton, and although they were able to win the fight, Orton left Punk with a bloody nose.

Mason Ryan and R Truth went at it, with Mason winning as Truth tapped out. After the bell rang to end the match, Mason continued to punish Truth, and may have done permanent damage to Truth’s leg. Despite the continued ringing of the bell, Mason kept at it until the referee reversed the decision on the match’s winner, and named R Truth the winner due to a disqualification. CM Punk was happy even though Mason did not win because the goal of the Nexus is to hurt and disable other wrestlers, not necessarily to win.

In the battle between John Morrison and McGillicutti of the Nexus, Morrison was not so easy to put down. It seemed as though Morrison was determined to put McGilicutti away. CM Punk’s plan to damage everyone of his opponents in the elimination chamber was thwarted by Morrison, who not only won the match, but destroyed his opponent. When Morrison began to walk backstage, CM Punk sprayed something in his face with left his eyes burning and him coughing and writhing on the floor. It seem Punk will stop at nothing to win, and must feel that he can’t do it legitimately.

The Miz stepped out to the ring, and began to congratulate Jerry the King Lawler, and asked Jerry to step into the ring with him. Jerry and Daniel Bryan went up against Miz and Ted DiBiase. Jerry and Bryan won, but Alex Riley promised not to let Jerry beat Miz again.

Sheamus had a lot to say about Mark Henry, calling the world’s strongest man a joke, and saying that if the Elimination Chamber were a cake eating contest, Mark Henry would win. “Can Mark Henry even fit in the Chamber?” Sheamus asked. He ended his rant with “Mark Henry needs to shut his mouth or I will shut it for him.”

Dave Otunga came out for his match against Sheamus, but just then Henry came out and began to hammer away at Sheamus. He left Sheamus in a crumpled heap on the ring floor. Otunga then got into the ring and looked as though he were going to further destroy the already unconscious Sheamus, but just then, Alberto Del Rio came out.

As Alberto Del Rio began to rant about his “destiny,” Santino rushed out to attack him. He threw Del Rio over the ropes, and retained control of the match for some time, but Del Rio managed to win the match.

Vickie Guererro finally made an appearance after watching the carnage and out right brawls as General Manager. She had nothing to say about the devastation and underhandedness however, but began to speak on her boyfriend, Dolph Zigler, being the Champion when he enters the Elimination Chamber. John Cena interrupted her as the fans went wild. Vickie screamed “If we don’t get the respect we deserve, we are going to leave!”

John Cena told the crowd that all they have to do is make some noise and Vickie would be gone. The noise was deafening. The unhappy couple finally left the ring. It was now time for Cena’s match against CM Punk. Punk had to compete with cotton up his nose from his earlier attack on Orton, when his nose was bloodied by the Viper. Both men took turns dominating the match, but Cena was determined to do as much damage as possible to Punk.

The ref warned Cena that he would disqualify him, but Cena punched Punk below the belt, and as Punk rolled out of the ring in great pain, the other Nexus members came running out. Just when it seemed they would beat Cena down, Jerry passed Cena a steel chair which he used to chase Nexus out of the ring.

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