WWE Raw: McMahon Fires Triple H

October 11th, 2011 - 2:16 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Oct 11 (THAINDIAN NEWS) As ‘WWE Monday Night Raw’ began last night, tension was even higher than it had been on ‘WWE Friday Night Smackdown’. Most of the WWE roster had informed Triple H that they will no longer be a part of ‘Raw’ as long as he is the COO of the WWE. The group of WWE employees had voted “No confidence” in last week’s episode of Raw and had walked out on Triple H. Although it was apparent that John Laurenaitis is behind all of the chaos within the WWE, it seemed there was no solution for Triple H.

Backstage of the arena was very quiet with most of the WWE Superstars missing. As Triple H stepped into the camera’s view, the audience could be heard cheering loudly for him. He looked around at the empty locker rooms and smiled before heading to the ring. The crowd went wild as soon as Triple H’s music began. “I showed up, apparently all of you showed up..” Triple H said, pointing to the audience. He said he was bewildered last week on Raw when everyone walked out on him. He stated that he never thought he would see it, the day that the WWE superstars walked out on their audience. He shared that they were all outside, in some sort of solidarity rally because, (he said in a mocking whiny voice) “The WWE has gotten too tough for them..it’s too hard.”

He told the crowd that those superstars were in the parking lot with their wrestling gear, but refused to wrestle unless Triple H stepped down. “What should I do? Should I quit?” he asked, as the audience yelled, “No!” he began to shout that he was not a quitter, and would not be blackmailed, he would not be coerced, he would not quit. Triple H said that the superstars outside could kiss his butt, and that if he had to take off his suit, and wrestle with a broomstick, come hell or high water, he was giving the fans a show last night. He added that a broomstick would give him a better match than some of the people he had wrestled in the past anyway.

Just then John Cena came out to meet Triple H in the ring. Cena was not among those who walked out last week. Cena said that there was a reason that he had not answered those who ask his opinion on the fifty five person walk out. He said that each and every one of the fifty five had asked him to join them. He looked at Triple H and said, “You never even sent me a text message asking me to stay.” Cena told Triple H that the people outside felt that the COO was not aware of what is going on, and was too self absorbed. Cena said that it was a good point, but that he was staying because he loved Raw and because the word “Loyalty” on his sleeve was not just a word, and that his loyalty is not with those in the parking lot, or those in a suit, but with the fans.

Sheamus, another who had not weighed in on the walk out, then joined them in the ring. Sheamus spoke of a former battle between himself and Triple H in which he attacked Triple H. He pointed out that Triple H did not whine and complain about being attacked as those outside were doing, but that Triple H came back and beat Sheamus in the ring, winning Sheamus’s respect. Sheamus said he did not leave Ireland and his family to sit in the parking lot with a bunch of losers, but to be a part of Monday Night Raw. Just then Cm Punk, another who was not a part of the walk out, came out.

Punk said that he admits starting the whole thing, and that it was his own fault. “I’m the guy who made walking out look cool,” he said, but added, “I think everyone in the parking lot having a picnic right now missed my whole point. I did not break my contract, my contract had expired.” Punk spoke of how he was attacked by Nash, but is still here. “This entire industry is based on men solving their issues between these ropes. Unsafe working environment? I thrive on that…this is professional wrestling, this isn’t ballet,” Punk announced. Punk admits that he is the last guy that anyone would expect to see out there with Triple H, “but here I am.”

So Triple H made a match between Sheamus, and John Cena, with himself as the referee, and Punk as the announcer and the bell ringer. Punk said to the television viewers not to adjust their sets, he is the sole commentator… “I’m Bob Yuker.,” he said as he began to call the match. Sheamus pulled a great reversal of Cena’s Attitude Adjustment. Just then, Vince McMahon interrupted the match.

He apologized for breaking up the match, and said that he got there as quickly as he could and asked for a word with Triple H, and asked John Cena, CM Punk, and Sheamus to leave the ring. He thanked them for standing for what they believe in, “whether right to wrong.” He said that he believes in Triple H, and that he thinks sitting at home watching Raw is a hoot. “The shoot ‘em up, bang bang’ tactics” were great and he loved them. Vince said that he had met with the Board of Directors that afternoon, and they were concerned that this walk out could get out of control. Vince pointed out that the Board is concerned with the financial aspects only. Vince then informed him that his services with running Monday Night Raw were no longer needed. He added that no member of the McMahon family, and unbiased and ethical general manager. Until they find who they want, the interim general manager would be John Laurenaitis.

The audience erupted in displeasure as John Laurenaitis himself walked out to the ramp. The “superstars” from outside began coming back in. John Morrison called Laurenaitis “narcissistic,” but Christian did a bit of kissing up, and told Laurenaitis that this was the best decision that the Board could have made. JR, Michael Cole, and Jerry Lawler came back in. And Laurenaitis made a match between Christian and Morrison. Christian quickly won the match, and then Morrison was attacked by Rhodes, Swagger, Dolph, and Christian. It seems that chaos and personal attacks are allowed if the recipient has spoken against the current general manager.

Backstage, John Laurenaitis met Triple H and told him that he did not have anything to do with the whole mess which lead to Triple H being let go. Triple H asked him if he had ever tried to pick up his teeth…with a bunch of broken fingers…and then walked away. Triple H is well aware that John Laurenaitis schemed to make the whole situation occur.

As his first order of business, Laurenaitis made a match between John Cena and Del Rio at the next pay per view. He then called JR into the ring, and pointed out that JR had walked out on Triple H last week after Triple H had given him his job back. “In my book, JR, this makes you an ingrate…a hayseed, redneck Oklahoma ingrate.” Laurenaitis then fired JR. Cole was loving it. JR left the arena with dignity, walking backstage and tipping his hat to the crowd, who was booing Laurenaitis as JR left.

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