WWE Raw ‘King of the Ring’ John Cena Appears

November 30th, 2010 - 11:35 am ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Nov 30 (THAINDIAN NEWS) As Monday Night Raw opened, Alex Riley was very happy to introduce The Miz as the new WWE Champion. Alberto Del Rio was the first contestant to arrive, and his personal ring announcer had a black eye, and the bruises to show where he had gotten a lesson from the Big Show last Friday night. His opponent was the United States Champion, Daniel Bryan. After quite a fight, the match was won by Del Rio.

R True made his way to the ring next, singing his tune “What’s Up?” as the audience joined in excitedly. He shared with the listeners that John Cena was still his friend, and went out like a champion. “Nexus may have won the battle, but the war, it hasn’t even started yet!” He challenged any Nexus member to come down and go one on one with ‘The Truth’.

Michael McGillicutty began to make his way out for the challenge, and a camera shot of a pair of feet which looked suspiciously like Cena’s was seen as Mike was knocked down. Cena’s “You Can’t See Me” motion was seen by a hand over the fallen Mike, and the audience went wild.

Drew McEntire and Ezekiel Jackson were the next two contestants. The winner of this match would go on in the ‘King of the Ring’ tournament. As they began to hammer at each other outside the ring, they were both counted out by the referee, which angered them both extremely, since it meant neither of the two men would advance in the tournament.

As The Miz and Jerry the King Lawler began to verbally spar, Jerry challenged the Miz to defend his title in a match against the King. As Miz was trying to explain why he wasn’t interested, the General Manager spoke up and insisted that yes, Miz would wrestle Jerry the King for the Championship in a tables, ladders, and chairs match.

Sheamus and Kofee Kingston went at it next, and the match was quickly won by Sheamus. Slater and Gabriel of the Nexus were up next against Mark Henry and his partner. The crowd went wild and John Cena came into the crowd with tickets in his hand, and made his way to ringside where he began to cheer. As soon as Mark Henry won the match, Cena took Slater of the Nexus and slammed him into the announcer’s table, and then vanished. Will Cena take out the nexus one member at a time?

Alberto Del Rio was back for the semi-finalist match of the King of the Ring tournament. This time he would go up against John Morrison. As the match began, Rey Mysterio came out and got into Del Rio’s car, blowing the horn, and distracted Del Rio long enough for Morrison to kick Del Rio in the head, and win the match. So Morrison went on to the finals. Mysterio holds a grudge against Del Rio for many reasons, which include Del Rio injuring Rey’s arm and also stopping Rey from competing in the King of the Ring tournament.

John Cena made yet another appearance, in the parking lot of the arena. As he addressed Wade Barrett by cam, Wade sent the other Nexus members out to take care of Cena. Cena was quick to remind him, however, that he was not the only one against the Nexus. Mark Henry, and many others from the WWE roster were outside to help Cena, and they proceeded to throw Nexus members against the cars, damaging windshields, doors, and body part. “Barrett, the DOES NOT END until I get my hands on every one of ya, so I guess I’ll see ya next week!” Cena stated with a wink.

Soon it was time for the King of the Ring finals. Sheamus went up against John Morrison and the battle was very intense. With Morrison using his kicks, and still dealing with an injured shoulder, Sheamus managed to get Morrison down quite a few times. After many near misses, Sheamus was crowned King of the Ring.

Jerry the King Lawler made his way to the ring for the last fight of the night, a tables, ladders and chairs match against The Miz. As the battle ensued, it looked for a while as though Jerry could actually win the match. Alex Riley soon came out to attack Jerry, and with no disqualification, there was no penalty for Miz. Jerry soon recovered and made his way halfway up the ladder, attempting to take the belt and win the match.

But the Miz was back up quickly and pulled Jerry back down. The battle raged on as the current Champion fought the Hall of Famer. Jerry managed to get Mix down again, and was on his way up the ladder as Michael Cole left the announcer’s table and pulled Jerry down!. As Jerry beat down Cole, Miz started up the ladder. Although Jerry quickly scrambled up the ladder, Miz still managed to win.

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